Saturday, December 8, 2012

Beautiful Beach. Amazing Pantai Kerachut.

Have a break, have a KIT-KAT!

Where on earth is the Kit-Kat???!!!

Yes, a really BIG piece of Kit-Kat, my dear. Best of all, this piece of Kit-Kat is guaranteed to help you shed those extra pounds if you eat it really, REALLY often. It tastes sweet when you almost finished chomping in the whole bar.


Okay you will get your Kit-Kat after this, okay?

Well, this piece of Kit-Kat has its unique flavour that can be found in nowhere other than in the National Park and Kerachut Beach (also known as the Monkey Beach) situated in the scenic Teluk Bahang on the Penang Island. It offers no sweet taste and crispy texture of milk chocolate bars. Rather, it allows you to have another chance to get intimate with lush greenery away from the hustle and bustle from the city for that healthy and relaxing escapade. 

It was a Friday in August. My class, 1 TESL and the History class (Foundation, Semester Three) went for a trip in the National Park of Teluk Bahang and the Kerachut Beach, as a trip and also as an assignment for the Recreational Sports course.

Getting there from my campus in Gelugor took almost an hour man! Perhaps, the long journey was due to the hilly geographical nature at the areas near Batu Ferringhi, (NOTE: Do correct me if I have any factual error here, okay? Throughout the journey I was in energy-saving mode.)

The long journey proved to be worthwhile as we were floored by the beauty in Teluk Bahang. It was a break from the hectic city scene with cars and tall buildings around.

We first went hiking in the National Park of Teluk Bahang. 

There was a little jetty before the jungle, where we got to channel ourselves as modern-day Mowgli or Tarzan by swinging ourselves with the rope to-and-fro. 
On the jetty.
How to swing?
Propelled by courage and overconfidence, I went forward to swing... 

Only to find my face on the white, soft sand!


This is the boundary to National Park, but our zeal to learn more about the nature and future is boundless.

The park was covered with tall trees and greens but the trail was quite hazardous. The trails were very steep and you will easily land yourself with bruises and wounds if you miss even a single step. Some of the trails were even uneven-I got to follow several steps and found one step missing in the next! Yes, NO step at all. Some were so steep that you will fall off at any moment if you do not cling to the rope. The paths were narrow and winded as well, thus trekking there required extra caution!

For safety purposes and to enable us fresh-faced hikers to take short breaks, we alternate our turns with the History class to lead the hike.

It was a half-hour walk before we finally reached the end of the perilous trail and discovered a beautiful place like paradise...


That's right! KERACHUT BEACH, which is also known as the Monkey Beach, lied in front of us in full poise and grace. Wait, we had to cross a wooden drawbridge before passing by a crystal-clear lake and later to the beach!

The bridge vs the five "lengzaii"s in my class.

The Meromictic Lake. You can actually make the lake your mirror!

I tell you, once again, BE VERY, VERY CAREFUL when you walk along the beach as your feet will sink at any time! 

The jetty and me
Beach from a horizontal view. Isn't it beautiful?

To get back to the entrance of the National Park, we went by boat. Along the journey, I got to see the amazing creation of God-yes, the rocks in various shapes! Some resembled crocodiles, rabbits, ostrich's egg... (Unfortunately I could not remember which rock matches which shape. Sorry!)
Photobucket Photobucket 


From left: Chia Sin, Jia Yi, Jun Yi, Ying Xuan, Ker Shyn (a.k.a. Liz

Back at the jetty

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Well, it is a brief update after all, since words simply CANNOT describe the beauty of Pantai Kerachut. I can only say that this trip is simply awesome!

If you ever come to visit Penang, this place is not to be missed.

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