Friday, September 11, 2009

Hello Mrs Xiao, I am DEPRESSED!!!疯狂日子

Today I am really depressed, because:
7.20 am: Called by Principal. All girls who get between 5A's to 8A's were required to meet her at "Balai Ilmu". OMG!!!We were reprimanded! That is a simple reason: only 5 people who achieved straight A's, when she aimed for 50! We were scolded for not guiding them. Are we going to be freaks?!

11.00 am: Teachers' meeting. We were having Moral class. After the teacher returned, she scolded us badly! Poor teachers, all been pressured by "Mrs Xiao" again!

12.00pm: Mrs Surinder came in during the Malay Language lessons. All the students who get only 80 marks or less had to attend extra classes for English Language. Thank God my English Language marks is 94 so I need not attend the class! Phew...

12.20 pm: Geography worksheets are delivered. There are almost 280 questions! going to be crazy...Aaarghhh!!!

7:20 am:全部五至八科A的学生得见校长。我们竟然被骂!原因非常简单:只有五个人考全科特优,远远少过校长五十人标准。我们还被责问为何不教成绩较差的朋友。救命!难道我们要成为自动上门的教师吗?朋友一定称我为“自恋狂”!

11。00 am:教师会议。当时是道德教育课。结果老师一回来就臭骂我们一顿。为什么?因为所有老师被骂!可怜!

12.00 pm:英文老师突然进班。所有英文考试拿不到“A”或仅有八十分的学生得上辅导班。谢天谢地,因为我的英文考获94分!

12。20 pm:分发地理功课。天啊!我们得做约280题!救命!


  1. hey..relax..
    but I must admit..
    your school is really scary!!!