Friday, September 18, 2009

Test, so what to do next?!

Aaarrghhh! Test is here!
I am going to be crazy,
For I am not ready yet!

Hey, wait for a minute!
Look at what can you do,
And see what is the best for you!

All you have to do is to understand yourself.
Where is your ideal place to study?
What is your best time?
Then, plan yourself,
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Some love noise, some love silence,
Some love the day and some are night owls.
Some like fun but not for some
Some love study for long but some do not.

Next, look for anything which distracts you.
TV? Games? Chatting?!!
Now cut down time on these, and use the time to study
Have fun after the exam, so be patient.

Now try to determine your Achilles' heel
History? Geography? Languages?
Pay more attention to them,
But don't forget the others!
No heavy mesmorizing,
but you must understand them.

And here is the time to school
Pay full attention to every lessons,
Do not chat, do not play, avoid the loo during lessons.
Never hate any teacher,
You might as well hate the subject!

Do your homework, hand it in time
No copying, or you will not learn
Always ask if you don't understand a topic.

And...never neglect your health
Good food, good rest
And adequate exercise
Or you will be ill and can't sit for exams

Lastly, be devout to God
Never neglect your prayers
Get blessings, courage and strength
To sit for the exams

Good luck to all!!!
Excel in your test
And get ready for a bright future.

-Sharon Muackz- ^^

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