Saturday, September 26, 2009

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time,
The Earth was a heaven.
The rivers run free, the birds chirp happily
And the lush greenery covers the land.

And the inhibitants live in glee
Exploring the gift of God
Farming, mining, and more
For a beautiful lifestyle.

But for now, the Earth is ill
In fact, human greed might kill
The Earth's peace and tranquil
Until we suffer today.

Once upon a time,
Girls can barely get free
They ca only work in the kitchen
When boys went to study.

Some were even cruel
To tie the girls' legs
So that they cannot even walk
So they cannot show themselves.

It is different now
As girls no longer stay in the kitchen
They now attend school and work
And can compete with the boys.

Once upon a time
Everything is manual and tough
Horses to transport, Bulls to plough
And the road is always rough.

No gadgets to use
No phones and PCs to communicate
No cars for a quick journey
And no machines for splendid houses.

Now everything is easy
Gadgets for our lives no longer queasy
And transport to go anywhere in a jiffy
Brings joy to the whole family.

Once upon a time
Has its pros and cons.
The yesterdays have lighted us
To improve our lifestyle.

The todays have brought advantage
To a comfortable and happy life
But we should not forget the glorious past
And treat it as dust.

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