Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mooncake Festival Legend

Mooncake Festival is around the corner! As I may not be able to blog during that day, I will tell them now!

Legend #1: The Moon Fairy

Once upon a time, there were ten suns which made the world hot. People were enduring the immense heat and the crops died. Fortunately, there was a hero, Hou-Yi who shot the suns down. When he was about to shoot the last, the villagers stopped him as they need a Sun for warmth.

Later, he got a special medicine and soon married Chang-E, a renowned beauty. The medicine was meant to preserve youth and become a God. Chang-E was ordered to avoid eating the medicine. However, when Hou-Yi left, his evil disciple tried to take advantage of Chang-E. Desperately, she swallowed the medicine and left the Earth forever. She missed her hubby so she went to the nearest Moon. Since then, the Chinese prayed her every Mooncake Festival.

Legend #2: Wu Gang and the tree.

Wu Gang was once a God. However, he offended the rules once. Therefore, he was punished to chop a "Gui" tree which grows again after being chopped.

Legend #3: Mooncakes

In the end of the Yuan Dynasty, the Chinese wished to banish the tyrant. However, the security was so strict that transmitting information seemed impossible. Finally a brilliant General thought of an idea by hiding paper strips which have the message of rebelling the government at the 15th day of the eighth moon, in cakes. His plan succeeded, and people eat mooncakes since that day to celebrate the victory.








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