Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Scholarships Applications! Woots! (Part 3)

I have never expected a Part Three for my disastrous experience on applying scholarships!
Okay, here's how it goes...

Allowing my severely tortured eyeballs to bulge out of their sockets was, by no means, fun. In fact, I hate being bespectacled. I envy those who are able to be as agile as a monkey with no worries, those who can run around swiftly without sweat flowing onto their glasses and blur their vision, for their sense of sight is perfect.

Once again, I had brutally tortured the windows to my soul which were badly beaten by the rays from the screen of the computer.

(Stop crapping, Sharon. STOP.)

Okay, I quit.

This time, I did something incredible and unthinkable-I applied for UTAR online. Weird right? I had mentioned  that I WILL NOT APPLY FOR COLLEGES. Thanks to my mother, I tried anyway. The words were extremely microscopic until I literally kissed the screen. There came my choices: computer science, accounting, Chinese language, mass communication.

I was so reckless that I skipped the fineprint in the online form until I printed the form out. RM60 worth of processing fee!

I got to face the music.

9 April 2011. The very day for the shortlisted candidates for the Petronas Scholarship was announced. As far as I know, those shortlisted will get interviewed at the Edu Quest Camp organized by the reputable petroleum company in the nation, and have to lug along loads of certified documents. Confusion got the better of me as I forgot the site to check my application status. Fortunately, m friends, Wei Lin and Hsueh Lin were there to the rescue!

For those who had applied for the scholarship, kindly check your status here:


I headed straight to the jammy-jammy site to check my status. To be frank, I dislike Internet Explorer. I favour Google Chrome because it can display more elements and browsing is smoother with it, too! What else can I do but to hit the blue button which resembles a lowercase "e"? Sure enough, Miss Forgetful has so many passwords to bear in mind that she had actually used the WRONG passwords! Password for my primary email account, Password for Facebook, Password for my Chat box, Old passwords and all other passwords that I have in my little book.

You might be asking, "Sharon, like seriously? You have so many passwords! For what?"

Tee hee. Simply for security. That is the best answer that I can give. In fact, I regretted using my email address for every single nonsense. Have I realized that the university applications will not interfere with my Facebook activities or blog or whatsoever, I would have established my second email account under a quirky name and mind-boggling password! 2HaR0n-L9941iBra as my second email address I think. Of course, my passwords might be the quirkiest combinations ever and might make you go "What the hell!"

You want my password? Oh I'm sorry. i will never reveal it until the world became apocalyptic. Ha ha.

Eh, when did my post transitioned from scholarships to weird passwords? Hush, hush. Go BACK!

I had completely gone bananas!

Fingers dancing animatedly on the keyboard and producing an inaudible tune, I kept typing my IC number and various passwords which resemble some unsightly stars at the tiny little corner at the screen, only to get the dreaded error message in blood red:

"RALAT: Sila masukkan semula nombor KP dan kata laluan anda."

I was like, "What the hell?"

Aghast and furious, I tapped at the keyboard full-forced. Harder and harder over time until it sounded more like music blasting from the radio than a typewriter. It was almost midnight. I gave up. Time to call it a day and, ehem, maybe a phone call to the Petronas hotline tomorrow?

The sun came up. Time to turn on the computer before the line gets jammed! So there went the computer with its blaring rays, and me fumbling for the password. Aha! There it is, the password stylized from my fave song from Bon Jovi, "Its My Life". I was totally ecstatic. Grinning in glee, I keyed in the stupid password and IC number which I had type oh-so-many times for every single scholarship application which is available.

To my dismay, the website gave me such a prompt answer:

"Minta maaf, anda tidak disenarai pendek untuk menyertai Edu Quest Camp. Walau bagaimanapun, tahniah atas keputusan SPM yang cemerlang anda."


To search for my weird password for my life, type my details like crazy till late at night and wake up before daybreak, I felt as if the world has come crashing down. One scholarship application gone. Bye bye Petronas.

I told myself, It's alright. Everything will be okay. Petronas is not my first choice after all! I still have many to wait-the PSD scholarship, the BNM scholarship, the ASEAN scholarship, etc. 

Three weeks after the SPM results were announced, the much anticipated scholarship by the Public Services Department are finally announced!!!

I believe most straight A-scorers are vying for this scholarship like a hawk, aiming at it precisely and refusing to let go of it. I AM one of them! Hawk? I am by no way a great hunter. A baby hawk, to be precise, and to show me better.

Time was running way too slow to April 9, in which the scholarship application date was supposed to be announced. Alas, it wasn't. To make matters worse, the official PSD website could not be open as well! Under a friend's advice, I typed this in the address bar:

Huh! Not yet updated! All I saw was the itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie, irrelevant stuff about government officers, salary and all. Never mind. Try tomorrow!

Alas, it was still the same. My friend told me to try DAILY until 13 April.


Wait for the news on television then.

It was the news on 8pm. The wait has officially ended! Oh yeah! I punched my fists in the air. The minister has gave a long speech about the PSD scholarship. Well, okay, my dream to study abroad is now shattered, no thanks to my Biology and Physics which has marred my otherwise straight-A+ results. Local study is here to stay since I score 9A+. (Score at least 9A+ and you will be automatically granted a Bursary scheme to pursue STPM or Matriculation. The top 50 scorers in the nation are granted the National Scholarship and enjoy the liberty to choose either to study locally or abroad.)

You know my obvious choice. If not, ask me! :P


  1. Funny la you..Petronas isn't easy. It's ok. :) Congrats for getting PSD scholarship btw! I thought they also sponsor for A levels?

  2. Muahahahaha! Thank you WeiLin. Checked it out again this morning. Yes, it's for Matrikulasi, STPM, A-levels and Asasi. Thanks for informing! =)