Sunday, April 15, 2012

Short Post. (Cos I am Freakin' Out!!!)

The days drifted by as usual. Being cooped up at home, racking my brain to scribble out an interesting essay with twists in between, typing out blog posts as good as possible and designing materials. Tomorrow will be the big day for me to return to school, but no longer as a student-to give a piece of advice on study tips to my juniors, alongside with Cynthia and Fatin. My heart is really thumping fast, right now! I hope that I will be able to speak fluently! 

And I hope to finish 60% of my essay too, at least!

Inspired by a tutorial on Youtube, I drew these dolls down, and varied them only through the colours. Sincerely, they cheer me up a lot! (Despite the fact that my drawings are unforgivably childish!) Hopefully my friends, both from my real life and cyber pals, will love them! You can take them if you want, but PLEASE don't tell anyone that YOU drew them-it is by SHARON NG HUEY YUEK. Remember my name! (Yes Sharon, I know that you are totally narcissistic. *Sharon got punched in the face.)




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  1. you're good. impromptu speeches make the best speeches. proven in ur case. congrats! *wink

  2. Weilin: Thanks a lot! Love speaking impromptu. I just hope that I will not end up speaking a string of "rojak language". :P