Saturday, April 14, 2012

About Nuts and Bananas. 花生和香蕉

I am always a die-hard fan of nuts and bananas. Nuts to chew on when I am sleepy (and no thanks for contributing to the lifebuoys dangling around my waist), and bananas which aid in soothing constipation.



I am not going to talk about my passion towards nuts or bananas. I love them. Enough said. Rather, I'm kind of ranting on something else. In fact, there is nothing yummy at all, when you rant. It feels sour, bitter, and all the not-so-awesome things in between.



I had rant about scholarship applications and all. If you had not read it, the links are as follows: (No insurance if your eyes bulge out. Tee hee. ) However, if any of you readers out there are in Form 5, I hope these will help you! Well, mainly as preparation for you guys, emotionally and mentally.


Scholarships Applications! Woots! (Part 1)

Scholarships Applications! Woots! (Part 2)

Scholarships Applications! Woots! (Part 3)

After the entire rigmarole and troubles of applying scholarships, it's finally time for the scholarships to be announced! I mean, the time is inching near. Of course, I am vying for the PSD scholarships most. Battling it out in the "game" of getting PSD scholarship and see who is the victor! The victor will enjoy a bursary worth RM2000-RM5000. I mean, Victors. (Got influenced by The Hunger Games I think. Epic fail!)


Back to the nuts and bananas stuff. Surely you know these idioms/phrases right?

go bananas

go nuts

These describe me well, at least, for now.

As the news of the PSD scholarships were announced, my heart was thumping really fast. I have 1608 competitors who are with me prying on this precious bursary! (Well, for your information, there are 1609 SPM 2011 candidates who scored 9A+ and above. Mine's at the borderline-9A+ 1A 1A-!)  Wow.

当有关公共服务局奖学金的新闻公诸与世时,我紧张得像热锅上的蚂蚁。我要面对1608个优秀生叻!(去年的SPM有1609个学子考获9A+以上的成绩,可喜可贺。XP 我就考获边缘成绩而已,刚刚好9A+,哈哈哈哈!)注定要面对一个异常激烈的竞争!祝我好运吧!

The date: 16 April. Ah, how I wish the day would arrive faster! I can't wait to hit the Ministry of Education website any longer to check for my status! Scholarships for me, please...... :'(


I was totally absorbed in blogging and essays when the song, "The Kill" played. Messages! It was Puan Indra, my counselling teacher. With bated breath, I hit "Open message"....

WHAT? WAIT AGAIN??!! Yes, I am not kidding.


Admission to Form 6 will only get announced on 2 May. Meanwhile, those applicants for the troublesome UPU who are SPM leavers, will only get informed on the first week of May. As for polytechnic, it was on the fourth week of May. Apparently, I will NOT apply for polytechnic. :P

大学预备班(Form 6)要等到2/5才公布入学名单。至于那个烦死人的UPU呢,要等到五月的第一个星期才知道入学名额。理工呢?五月的第四个星期。我是不可能去读理工的咯。

I was like, "What on earth is this?!!" Wait until MAY? Oh yeah, good for me too. I can blog more, type in more essays. (Yes, I have not shared even a single essay since March 8. :( )


By the way, my Nuffnang earnings is currently at RM1.55. Great proof of how "popular" my blog is. Em, At least I have a bit of earnings, ha ha! Hopefully you can help me click my Nuffnang in either blog (or better off, both!) One or two hits per person per day will do. Plus, it takes only a while! Simple request. :)

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