Monday, April 23, 2012

Touring the Teluk Intan Inclined tower and Adventure at Gua Tempurung

Next stop: Teluk Intan!


To be frank, we went there just to witness the spectacle of the renowned Anson Tower!


It was a journey for slightly more than an hour before we arrived at Gua Tempurung, a well-known natural hub in Malaysia featuring its natural caves with stalactites and stalagmites. As time is limited, daddy, sister and I just bought the tickets for the "Golden Flow", which is the easiest journey out of the four adventures available. Priced at RM6 per person, it is definitely a journey perfect for those who wish to indulge in the beauty of nature in a less taxing manner. 

However, I would like to give the second type a try if possible! (Top of the World tour, intermediate level) 

It was burning hot at the entrance. Magically, as you reached the cave, chilly, cold wind were flowing around the atmosphere! Surrounded by greenery, it is indeed an ideal welcome gift for tourists.

The scenery in the cave is more than just a breathtaking spectacle. The further you explore into the cave, the darker and the more mysterious it becomes!



For the curious adventurer. 献给好奇心强的探险发烧友。


The rocks where crystal is extracted from.

Camp down there anyone? :P
有谁要在下面露营吗? :P

Perfect scene for movies! (If the authorities gave movie makers the green light for it. :P)

#Sorry for the bad photos though.

It is basically perfect except for the lack of personnel surveillance around the cave. Water is dripping all over your heads too! And, do I mention the special "aroma" of bat's poop all about in it?

By the time I came out of the cave, I'm sweating like a pig! 

#Lesson: Wear Sports attire during your visit!

And oh, this is a place NOT TO BE MISSED!







  1. 我去过ipoh很多次,去从来没有去过著名的椰壳洞 ><

  2. 椰壳洞很靠近Gopeng啊。Kolej Matrikulasi Perak附近。