Wednesday, April 25, 2012

又要穿校服了······ School Uniform, AGAIN! DUH!

话说本小姐进不到预科班,只好乖乖读Form 6。为什么??!!本小姐拿全A的叻。有人才一、两个A就进预科班了。还有,本小姐的班上,没有一个华人被录取进预科班。华人难道有这么差劲么?还是有人妒忌我们华人太厉害,全国Top 50有26人是华人?唉!

Form 6就Form 6吧。不过,我还是要申请预科班,跟有关当局争到底!真的很不服气,我们华人难道不是人?!为什么他们能这么容易进预科班?哦,这就是Satu Malaysia!现在才知道。:'(

Form 6,已经换了全新的评估方式。以往的一个STPM定江山,已被分成了三个学期。此外,Form 6毕业生也能有更多的科系选择,并能自由选择国内外大学。不过,STPM是众人眼中最难应付的考试。而且,还要像普通学生般穿闷热的校服。上国立大学,以预科班者为优先。怎么办?

祝我成功要求预科班吧。不然,Form 6就Form 6咯!就多下些苦功,守得云开见月明,对不对?祝我加油咯!


I failed to enter the Matriculation class, to my utter dismay. Why oh WHY??!! Hello, I score straight A's! Some succeed with merely a couple of A's. To make matters worse, none of the Chinese in my class has successfully entered matriculation. Are Chinese way below par compared to their counterparts? Otherwise, is it jealousy that has it all? (26 people from the 50 top scorers in Malaysia are Chinese.)

Okay, I'll go for Form 6 then. However, my zeal  and passion to enter matriculation is yet to die. Fight till the end with the authorities! Ha ha. It beats me by the fact that some are able to enter Matriculation without much hassle, while the rest are kept aside even with impressive performance in any field? We Chinese aren't human is it? Oh, now I have fully comprehended what 1 Malaysia stands for. Sigh.

A brand new assessment system will be imposed on Form Six students this year, (my batch is the pioneer), in which Form 6 will have 3 semesters instead of just STPM to assess everything that we've learnt. Hey, that will make learning easier and less stressful! Besides, Form 6 students have a larger choice of courses, and they are free to choose to study at any institutions locally or abroad. 

Nevertheless, it is undeniable that STPM is among the most trivial examinations in the world. Besides, we have to wear stuffy school uniforms just as those students of primary and secondary school  did. When it comes to studying locally, students from Matriculation are given the priority.

How should I choose now? What should I settle on?

Pray that I will succeed for Matriculation! Otherwise, all needed is a little more effort in Form 6. I'm confident that I will manage to slash out a bright pathway heading to the rainbow from jungles of thorns.

And, I am ready to put up a fight! :P

Who knows, I will be the next celeb on television? Ha ha! (You'll get what I mean.)


  1. hye... gd luck 4 ur future kayh.. ^^, u can do it..

  2. Thanks a lot! :D God bless ya!

  3. Since when is STPM a trivial exam? O.O good luck!