Saturday, April 28, 2012

Back To School Blues

A super-short post, I mean, a mini post, because I'm researching about MMU at the same time! I'll be in an interview camp tomorrow! Wish me luck!


Okay, If you guys have read my previous post, you will know that I'll be once again bound with those endless school rules, tighter-than-ever timetables and stuffy school uniforms! (Stuffy for me, because I'm fat! Almost 80 kg. I was always left bewildered when people told me how lean do I look. Ha ha!)


going to form Six. Okay. A friend of mine told me that I have to wear my school uniform in high school during the orientation. When I tried onto the pinafore that very night......


The pinafore draped around me quite smoothly until when I make a hideous and disgusting discovery:




My goodness. To think that I can still fit into my old clothes well and NOT in my pinafore? That's what I hate in a typical Malaysian school uniform. White Hawaii shirt ironed crisply, with a blue pinafore which has actually reminded me of MAIDS! The benefit: encourages me to Diet. LOL.

(Hey, stop trashing or bashing me up for this! :'( )

Sometimes I wished the school uniform was less stuffing, less maid-like and more trendy! We students are young, right? We are young and we're supposed to be free! :P



A uniform like this will be lovely! Minus the coat, of course.

Putting up a staggering amount of almost 20 pounds during the four-month holidays is by every means, AWFUL! Eating only two spoons of rice each meal and exercise daily, I am still wondering how on earth did I manage to put on so much of weight! Chocolates and fried goodies,too much computer time and lack of stress I think. (Yes, homework actually help kept my weight down because I will lose appetite. Weird am I, right? And I listen to nasty music to speed up my work.)

I can manage to lose a couple of pounds in three days, but not soon after, the nasty pounds came back again-and even more! Well, the much dreaded yo-yo diet, that is.

How can I lose 3kg in 2 weeks? Can I? Someone please help! I need to fit into my pinafore without looking like a dumpling! HELP ME!!!


By the way, these are some pics of me prior to my hair cut just now for the TM Interview. Even after four months, my hair is nowhere long. DUH!



Silly-looking pictures, aren't they?


  1. Aiyo Sharon!!! I dun understand either how two spoonfuls of rice + exercise helps you gain 20 pounds! -.-" Try eating regularly, more veggies and fruits, less snacks and chocolates and fried stuff? No point diet - it harms yourself and with two spoonfuls of rice per meal, I wonder where you get all your energy to carry out daily activities. Amazing @.@ p/s: Not silly photos, try smiling a little :)

  2. Ha ha ha ha! You're right :) I eat little.