Friday, April 20, 2012

Sitiawan, Here I come~!!!

Happy Merry Thursday! It was a school holiday, so my family took a day off to tour around my hometown state-Perak. It was my first time driving outstation. When my parents asked me if I want to drive to Sitiawan, I agreed without any hesitation, thinking that it would be the same as on the streets. However, my initial ego proved to backfire. Driving in the dark and for 1 hour to Sitiawan was no easy feat at all, especially when I had got my probationary driving licence for barely a month!


Sitiawan is a quaint little city which is located in the middle of the state Perak and is renowned for its scrumptious and wide spread of Foochow delicacies. (Sorry I don't know much about Sitiawan yeah. )



At the break of dawn, well seated in a blue Perodua Alza with my family members and loads of food and water, I cut across the immense darkness to get to Sitiawan. Mind you, it was my first time driving at a speed exceeding 80 km/h just to reach the quiet little town! It was indeed a brand-new experience which was thrilling for the adventurous but blood-curdling for those who are not into challenges. It began when the car began accelerating at the stretch along Changkat Jering, and as the speedometer hit 80 km/h, daddy ordered me to switch to Gear Five.

WHAT?! I was stupefied. never in my life did I drove THIS FAST before! Will I end up driving straight into the nearest valley or will I head there safe? I was perplexed and afraid at the same time. I AM A NEWBIE!

Fortunately, the entire road was literally mine since it was still early in the morning. What luck!

Upon arrival at Sitiawan, we had breakfast at a nearby hawker stall before proceeding to the Tua Pek Kong Temple, at Jalan Pasir Panjang, which was facing to the ocean. It was breezy, with the mild aroma of incense floating around the atmosphere. Yes, we are on a BEACH! It is just that there are nobody picnicking there.

(Sorry for the absence of the picture of the main entrance, though.)


It was the invasion of wild boars in Kamunting which stirred up a lottery frenzy in Kamunting a few years back; now, the temple has took is place as the Star. (Although I'm not sure if that is for lottery again!) Anyway, we do not come for striking a lottery, we merely came to visit this renowned grand temple, pay our respects to the deities, and of course, great food!


Look at the grand white statues of the deities!


Deities representing the virtues to be practised.


These are the main characters from the famous Chinese novel, "Journey To The West"! Mind you, you must have known the characters, RIGHT???!!!

Monkey Garden! Alas, it is not as poetic as hat described in the novel: a forest terrain on a hill with an abundance of peaches and LOTS of monkeys jumping around.


The Monkey Garden of Sitiawan Version is, in fact, a mangrove swamp. The salty flavour of the ocean is all around in this "Monkey Garden". It did not let us down as it is really scenic; strategically located facing the ocean (as mentioned earlier) forms a picturesque.


Can you see it? A tiny crab! Creatures such as mudskippers and tiny  crabs are abundant in mangrove swamps.

See the monkey?

It was indeed a feast for the eyes for nature lovers! Of course, you can pay a visit to my previous High School or Taiping Lakegarden for MORE such agile friends. :P

Whilst mom was busy praying, Daddy, sister and me went to visit a scenic garden, names "Pin Xian Yuan" which meant "The Garden of Deities" (If I am not mistaken). The place was true to its name!


The intricately carved stone statues of the Eighteen Rohans and the scenic park draped with willows which dance gently to the wind has beckoned the devotees and visitors to stop over and feel a sense of peace and serenity.


Three man-made caves follow the path and act as "tunnels" along the way. There, devotees can pray and donate to the temple.


The scenes inside the Release Pond. Isn't it cute watching them snatching for food?

Happy Year of Dragon!


After absorbing oneself into the picturesque, food is another thing to be taken seriously.

The honey Tofu fah. You have to stir the entire dessert for the optimum taste. It is velvety smooth and not too sweet. Priced at only RM3 per bowl, this is another must-try dessert! Yum!

The infamous Foochow Red Wine Noodles. Kampong Chicken is used and its flesh is firm. The noodle has a special springy texture and is well infused with the tantalising aroma of red wine.

Of course, we bought the local snacks from there!
I highly recommend the Durian Heong Peah and Charcoal Tambun biscuits. The former has authentic durian filling, and is freshly baked. A revolutionary combination! As for the latter, the flavour of charcoal powder blends well with the original flavour of the Tambun biscuit. It is soft, so handle with care or you will end up with an entire table of crumbs!


Will be sharing with you guys my adventures in Gua Tempurung and Teluk Intan soon!



  1. I like your pictures, language and story :) btw, admire you for driving highway so fast! @.@ yet to get my own license yet :(

  2. Gracias... =) I'm the one who actually GOT OVERTAKEN by the others. XD

  3. Thank you so much for sharing.. I'm in setiawan and is looking for the infamous noodles

  4. hi sharon, can share more about your driving experience in sitiawan? husband is a casual driver after getting his license. the last time he drove was three years ago in Australia.. not sure if we can rent car to drive slowly in Sitiawan ?

    1. I'm sorry but I do not visit Sitiawan very often, so I have no idea on car rentals there. I suggest that you ask the locals living in Sitiawan instead.