Friday, November 30, 2012

A Taste of East Malaysia

My friends have often told me: East Malaysia is fascinating.

I have not been to the Land of Horn-bills nor the Land Below the Wind in my life. I often wondered how those two places are like, and hey, I would like to pay there a visit if possible! (Although I have absolutely no clue on the places there-I just read about them through the Internet.)

I was fortunate that early in July, the students from Cohort 4 in my campus held a Gawai Kaamatan Celebration so that we can together celebrate the festival by the Dayaks and Kadazan-Dusuns. It is indeed an eye-opener!

My class (as of July 2012, pre-second intake)
FROM TOP LEFT: Michelle, Sheau Chien, me, Xiao Nian (a.k.a. Mother Theresa), Lynster, Jia Ying, Hui Xin
FROM BOTTOM LEFT: Hua Jin, Angus, Jia Hao (a.k.a. Mr Good), Chee Hwa (a.k.a. Ah Tan), Roger

Scrumptious Sarawakian Snacks

It was a little too late when we went there as the "Unduk Ngadau" was over. Nevertheless, we still got to watch the battle-of-strength (in which two people clench each other's fists and the one who stays wins) and the eating competition. I was invited but I turned down. (Hello, I cannot eat oranges fast! It will choke me!)

Stage View

Too bad we were only there for a short while due to class!

I sincerely hope there is such event in the future so that we can know about the various ethnics in Malaysia more.

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