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Part 2: Life at Hostel

I will skip those long-winded registration processes since it will be really LONG to explain everything (and quite monotonous as well!) Here, let me allow you guys to take a peek into my life at the hostel!

For those studying in IPGKPP (Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Pulau Pinang), you will know where the Jambu Block is. For those who are not otherwise in the know, fear not-I will NEVER lead you on!!!

#And I apologize for the lack of photographs around the campus yea. Workload inhibits my intentions of doing so. (Is it an excuse for your annoying LAZINESS?)


As far as concerned, there are currently eight hostel blocks in use, in which four are for the male trainees and the rest are obviously for female.

The male blocks are:


It is situated VERY, VERY close to the administration offices. Mind you, one of its doors is just opposite the Educational Knowledge Department (Jabatan Ilmu Pendidikan), you know? Of course, meeting the lecturers and dealing with the Student Affairs' Department is an absolute bliss. Think the consequences if you ever behave badly!

My seniors told me that it is beautiful. How beautiful it is is beyond my knowledge as the only place I could see is the iron grille with the sign stating "Girls are prohibited to cross beyond this zone" that is hung at the grille. (And please do not ask me about it. I AM A FEMALE OKAY?!)


This block is the smallest among the other hostel blocks. Situated in a three-storey building in which the lowest floor is the Examination Unit (Guys, help me to grab the tips for examinations next time, okay?), it has no dormitory unlike many other blocks. (That's what I got from my guy friends, once again) It is just opposite the administration offices, so here, meeting the lecturers require less walking as well. Walk just a few steps to your left from the block and it is playtime! Neh, it is near to the field for you to work out in the evening. This block is the closest (though not really that close) to the New block as you will just have to turn right and walk forward for a few hundred metres.

#I am EXTREMELY jealous of the boys in my class. Everything is really convenient for them since they were living in Ciku! Grr...

The downside of living in both the blocks mentioned is that they are very distant from the cafeteria.

Now I would like to introduce about the other blocks. They are similar-four storeys and the structure is similar as well!


It is just next to the cafeteria and not too far off from the administration office, though it is not as close to the office as to Amra and Ciku. Nearby the block there is a recycle booth, in which the Buddhist society in my institute often does the recycling activities.


Pala-Pinang. Yes, Pinang is also very close to the cafeteria but a considerable distance away from the main blocks mentioned. It is just next to a female block, Pala.

How about the female blocks?


Rambai is the latest hostel block built for females. It looks gigantic but actually the bottom level is for technical purposes. (e.g. pre-pump room) It has four storeys and the office governing hostels is at the ground floor. Unlike other female hostels, Rambai has rooms specified for pantries. However, the rooms are smaller as they do not have wooden compartments unlike the other blocks. The building structure is special as well. (Note the staircase) The rest do not have any circular structures like this-just plain staircases.

If you exit through the door of this block facing the cafeteria, turn right and walk your way through a slope to the Gelanggara, where assemblies are held.

Taken from the Internet.

Pala is situated next to Pinang, and can be seen as though as it is halfway buried if viewed from the balcony of the other two female blocks, Nona and Jambu, Well, they look buried because they are built at the lower ground! (You exit from the door of the cafeteria which faces the hostel blocks, then walk a flight of staircase down and take your own way to go to the hostels.


Walk slightly down the slope from Rambai and you will see two blocks. The block in front is Nona. Walk straight from the door of Nona to the cafeteria. And there is another slope towards another block...


If the new block (the place where we have our lectures) is in the East, then my hostel block is in the West. (Of course, I'm TOTALLY unsure about the directions, HA HA.) Yes, so my hostel block is MILES away from the new block and you can imagine walking at least 1 kilometre (if I am not mistaken) to class daily. You might be wondering, what's the big deal walking a merely 1000 metres per route? Well, think over it when slopes after slopes and narrow staircases are concerned! (I describe the staircases as narrow as I have a big shoe size myself-9 or 10. That is very big for girls!)

#Perhaps it is purely due to excessive calorie intake and lack of exercise like my grandmothers do?

So here, ALL THE FEMALE BLOCKS ARE NEAR TO EACH OTHER. Consulting seniors is certainly a bliss! (For females...)

Yes, I must admit that my hostel is the furthest from the new block, academic block and the administration offices. If you do come to my campus, let me walk you around and see for yourself! *chuckles*

On the bright side, we girls get to exercise more since we had to walk through and fro over such distance and keep fit! (It spoils my otherwise combed-for-half-an-hour hair as well, no thanks to excessive perspiration in the process. Yikes!)

Dorm Life

Okay, the picture above is a sneak peek on my hostel life which I will continue in my next post, since it is 2.45 a.m. and I will be leaving for Penang tomorrow! I have lots of other stuffs to do and yeah, it's too late the sleeping time now!

Good morning everyone!

PART 3: Life at the hostel (2)

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