Thursday, November 29, 2012

Part 3: Life at the Hostel (2)

Hostel life-is it cool or disgusting?

Well, it depends on how pampered and disciplined you are!

As I first stepped into the dormitory, I did not actually feel overwhelmed or scared, despite the fact that I was from an ordinary day school. To me, it looked like a camp with ten double-decker beds, lots of small tables and musty curtains. Some of the cupboards were even dysfunctional!

Fortunately, it will be housing just seven girls. (As of the First Intake. The Next Intake came in in mid-July but somehow they live separately with us.) Things will not be that horrible, after all! :D

Dorm Life
Ah, before I forget, let me explain why are we living in dormitories instead of rooms for two. I was bombarded with these questions by many of my friends (Urgh!) and here, after I post it, PLEASE DON'T ASK ME AGAIN or I'll whack you! *Evil look*

A scene in the dormitory.
Here is the reason: female teacher trainees are in abundance and hence the shortage of rooms. Thus the female students from my batch were to stay in dormitories throughout the semester until some seniors graduated and moved out. 

I will share about how I survive life at the hostel, okay?

I have had three wardrobes in the dormitory: one in the iron locker for formal attire (Hey, you cannot be ironing your clothes DAILY, right? Better off hang them. Plus, crumpled clothes are just not tidy and smart!); one in my... LUGGAGE. Yes, LUGGAGE. That luggage is for my sports attire, indoor wear and towels (they do not get crumpled easily... I ROLLED them anyway to save space!); one in my little purple portable drawer, which I kept torches and anything which is small in size (for clothes, I need not say more, right? Which is small?)

#Say more and get ready for a "beh hiao kian siao!" (you are shameful) comment thrown onto me. Anyway some things are better kept private.

Thanks for the small amount of inhabitants in the dormitory in Jambu block, I got a double-decker bed for myself to store items. Well, that was later when we decided to refurbish the dormitory for more purposes since the weather was burning hot. My friends decided to sleep on the floor as it was cooler. Me? No, not the floor no thanks to my vertebra...

As for cleaning purposes, my dormitory is just opposite the bathroom, washroom and laundry. (All three are combined) To avoid waiting, I woke up early to shower. Since I am rough in terms of action, to ensure minimal noise level, I prepare my clothes the night before. In Mandarin, the best term to describe my attitude is “大咧咧” and normally, my friends asked me not to do so much of “大反应” (Large reactions) and “大动作” (Large actions) (To those who study best in the morning, you can try this too! It saves time!)

#At times I wonder if I really belong to Libra after all. Librans are supposed to be graceful!

What my table looks like when I am caught in a frenzy for completing assignments, homework, etc. after an exhausting day in class. To avoid food wastage and food poisoning, I bought such jam in small bottles so that each bottle of jam can be eaten at one go. It is pricey (around RM13) but for safety purposes, that's what mum advised me to buy.

Come Friday evening, when I stay back in campus and have too much work that keeps me from going out, I will purchase this packaged meal from the canteen. Yes, economy rice. The meal above costs me RM2.50.

Perhaps food at the cafeteria will help me towards vegetarianism? There is an abundance of variety in vegetable dishes there provided that you go early! Besides from saving money, I actually aim to be a vegetarian by 21 as well...
For those who are wondering, here are Sharon Ng Huey Yuek's tips on saving time in hostel life...

  • Purchase simple food for breakfast, e.g. bread, cereal drinks, biscuits etc. I do not have a kettle myself (and it is prohibited, mind you!) so I rely on the watercooler at ground floor. If you get hungry early in the morning before everyone else wakes up, eat OUTSIDE! 
  • Prepare your homework on the table so that you can just pull them out and complete them quick and easy! (That is 100% useful for lazybones like me...)
  • Wash your clothes RIGHT AFTER class. Toss your pajamas, formal wear, indoor wear etc into a large pail, (better if you wash them slightly beforehand), soak them in water with detergent then leave it for 1 hour or two before washing. No odour guaranteed provided that you wash the soap off properly after that!
  • Have a To-Do-List.
  • Iron your clothes once a week. Yes, heap them up and iron at one go! It saves you time and electricity. That applies if you have at least five sets of attire.
  • Discipline is the key. You are not at home anymore so please GET USED to hostel life as fast as possible and do not dawdle at all!

Honestly, I prefer dormitory than room because it is easier to hold discussions and chat in a single room together, although living in a group means more toleration and patience needed! I admit that I am notoriously reckless and rough at doing everyday tasks (and sometimes I wished I was born as a boy instead, given my un-girly character, gigantic physique and rough voice, HAHA), that I ended up facing the music! Plastic bag as laundry bag, waking up at 5am in the morning with a tummy that growled so loud that it could literally shake the dormitory, rushing into stuff...

Room does not matter as well actually. More private space. :P Whatever it is, both have their pros and cons, am I right?

Okay, since I am born as a female, I really have to practise being genteel, gentle and graceful even if I DETEST it! Imagine have to switch to that "lemah-gemalai" mode. Yikes!

#Accept your fate, you unladylike-lady! (That's what my lecturer told me, to be more ladylike. Grr... I love beautiful clothes but I hate taking things slow! I cannot imagine suppressing my voice but if I do NOT change, will I actually FREAK people out of their wits!)

At least I no longer drag the furniture, throw books all over the bed and sleep on them and use my cutleries as musical instruments. Hehe.

#WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU CRAPPING AGAIN? Better off rapping than crapping yo!

To my dear dorm mates, thanks for being with me for this one whole semester and I sincerely apologise should I do freak you out in any way with my rough and rushy attitude. (Thanks to Buddha, I've learnt how to calm down and do things gently. I cannot bear noisy eating-at least!) I apologise if I poke my nose into inappropriate moments and annoy you guys in any way-I just need someone to talk to. Frankly speaking, I LOVE talking and hate being left out, but when it comes to work, I will rein myself in.

Thank you for guiding me towards maturity and a more ladylike manner. (Since I look as if I am 21, I think it would be more appropriate if I really behave like one, am I right? But, can I?)

END NOTE: We no longer live in a dormitory in October as we moved up to warden's house. Of course the living pattern is still the same except that I go downstairs for shower since I cannot stand the weird smell in the washroom upstairs. He he he he...


  1. seem like your life is really fun !!
    so happy and joyful :D
    I like that feel when live with all my friends, so nice :D

  2. Yes it is, being a teacher trainee. Of course live is challenging at first, but I try my best to adapt myself and live it with little complaints. No pampered temper, no complain, be as active as possible and life will be enjoyable.