Friday, July 2, 2010

Double Day

Yesterday, my school held two activities simultaneously, therefore I named this post "Double Day". Find out why!

Activity #1: Hari Koperasi

All of us gathered at the basketball court after Roll-Call. The cooperative shop assistants (including me) were donned in the school's cooperative shop uniform. Meanwhile, the teachers were dressed in green (My sports house colour. So happy...) After the national anthem and the speeches, there was an appointment ceremony. After that we were appointed as the cooperative shop assistants for the 2010 session, the head, Cheah Shee Ping from 502 took the pledge.

Later, the Best Cooperative Shop Assistant award was awarded. For this year, the recipient is Leong Voon Hui from 403. There were quite many Cooperative Shop teachers as well. They were Puan Deena, Cik Afifah, Puan Zarina, Encik Suhainizam, Encik Mahathir and Encik Kamirun. (Why all of them are Malays???!!! Where is the 1 Malaysia spirit? Haha...) A quiz on the Cooperative Shop was later held by Nur Afefah binti Rosli from 504. 20 questions were presented and the winners were given a little gift. Of course, I cannot join, lah! ^^

Activity #2: Go Green Week

After that, all the Cooperative Shop assistants collected the old newspaper from the teachers and put them near the recycle bin to be recycled. Later, the Go Green week was launched. Every class is required to do the same as the Cooperative Shop assistants by putting the newspapers near the bin as well. Obviously, the response was great! The newspapers piled up like a hill.

The Go Green week will be held until next Thursday. During this week, the use of plastic bags in school is banned.

Let us hope that the Cooperative Shop assistants of TMGS will be able to provide better service to the customers, I mean, improve to be the BEST IN BEST!!! Besides, let us help save Mother Earth as well...

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