Friday, July 16, 2010


Oh my God, I had met too many double-faced people these days! Such people were nice in front of me, but they talked bad behind me, saying that I am stupid, ugly and lonely.

These type of people are those I loathe most. There are TOO MANY of them, well, but they will spread to everyone like big news if any teacher or whoever scold them. Sous horrible!

These words are reminiscent from a Malay friend of mine:
"Mengumpat itu dosa besar." (Backbiting is a big sin.)

And from my mother as well:
"If you backbite others, God will punish you."

I admit that sometimes I do backbite, but only in extreme cases. Actually, I HATE them, just as I do not really like backbiting others myself. I was fortunate that somehow there are true friends who do not like to backbite others, though... They love JOKES!!! ^^


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