Friday, July 23, 2010

Panda People

Friends, don't get offended when you read this post, but it is TRUE!

Recebtly, there are quite many panda people in my class, including ME as well. Why? Homework, activities, endless tuition... so much that many come to school feeling exhausted and sleepy and drowsy. Me as well! What else if people come to school with dark circles around their eyes?

Well, well, well. I will tell you why...
5 homework per day in my class is a norm.
Then comes the school sports house activities. I do not really teach (I don't know why, but never mind).
After school, there are many tuition classes (for my case, I attend tuition classes almost everyday except for Friday and Sunday). Many out there have tuitions as well, I think.

At last, I ended up sleeping only four hours a day, which is far too little for a teenager.In school, I am not in very good condition either, just like some of my friends.

Exam is just around the corner. I barely started anything, just so scared...

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