Friday, July 9, 2010

The Most Damn Thing

The most Damn thing that I ever had
Is a person who comes to my life
When she needs
And walks away from my life
When she does not need me
The most damn moment I ever had
Is the moment
Between truth or lie
Between reality and virtualty
Which determines
My way, my destiny
Or if it builds
The path to destruction.
The most damn place I ever went
Is a dark place
A beautiful place
Which blur thy' eyes
From separating right from wrong.
The most damn scene I ever viewed
Is a scene, entertaining to many
But yet is gory and misleading
It may portray eternal bliss
But it is the door to eternal
The most damn sound I ever heard
Is the sound of the Devil
A sweet, seductive sound
Pleading all beings to give in
To its unholy, dirty desires
To the path of agony and endless sufferings.

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