Saturday, November 20, 2010

Holiday Chit-Chat

Hello guys! Thanks for viewing (or following) my blog and I am terribly SORRY for not updating it for long. For your knowledge, my computer was invaded with malicious viruses for the past week. And today, when I want to reinstall the program for my camera, there are many errors until it was quite difficult to upload the latest pictures and videos.
Can you imagine, it was almost 7 TIMES this computer was infested with VIRUS, WORMS, MALWARE... since it was purchased four years ago. Good gracious! My parents had to fork out HUNDREDS simply to mend this wreck. Luckily this time, the repairing fee was RM40, which, I must say, the lowest record ever.

Well, yesterday was the last day of school, which meant the end of my Form 4 life and I will have to face SPM next year. Oh my goodness, my History, Additional Mathematics... This year too, six teachers will leave this school-all by personal request to the Education Department. WHY???!!! Some of them are GREAT man! Why Cik Kaviza and Puan Rosnani must go? I am going to miss them after this. Cik Kaviza can make a boring subject like History interesting and she is humourous. On the other hand, Puan Rosnani can teach Mathematics well (but I wonder why she doesn't want to teach the upper form?). Good gracious...

Anyway, yesterday we did nothing but cleaned up and made fun in class. The class was very dirty in fact. Somehow, I was busy with the bookmarks of the Cooperation S?hop-deliver them! What? I am the only Cooperative Shop assistant from Form 4 who was present yesterday. Never mind. Worse of all, SOME OF THE ORDERS WERE NOT COMPLETE! Some were livid as they were unable to get theirs. :(

Anyhow, many spent the day camwhoring, and my goodness, how many pictures did we took!

Cik Kaviza forever! From left: me, Cik Kaviza, Sarasvaathey, Keerthana

Crazy Chew Yee (Joey)-she's sort of the funny type. All the best in SPM!

Leng Lui Michelle and Cutie Hui Wen

Quiet Shazuwa and athletic Adila.

Haha! The fatty, pimple-infested me...!!!

UMNO gang. Eh, someone must be too shy here... LOL

Closing homework accounts. (Akaun Kerja Sekolah 2010)... XD

It's party time!

Craving some Italian twist?

MIC of the TMGS branch.

Miss Happy-Go-Lucky

Clockwise from left: Maegan, Lakshana, Latha, Keerthana, Ceciwani, Sarasvaathey, Dinie, Hanan

The Princess' mole

Part of the 401-2010 crew


Form 5 Tamil crew

The wacky Karam. Her voice may be heard from MILES away, but she is friendly and funny!

Divina and Ai Luan

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