Monday, November 1, 2010

What a Day!

I had many activities throughout the day-today!
Well, this morning, I had my final examination-Paper 1 for Accounting Principles. The paper was quite easy in front but difficult at the back. When I returned to class and my classmate returned me my History Paper 1 answer sheet, heavens-I did not do well in the Paper 1... As for Paper 2,


My, I do not think I can get an "A" for this time.

Later, my Biology teacher gave away our Biology Paper 1 answer sheet. Oh my God-quite many wrongs in my Paper 1! My, I wonder if I can score an "A+" for my Biology... When it was recess, we were allocated 50 minutes of recess time as all forms share the same recess time. Goodness, what earnings today! Well, the amount is...

After that, we had a class meeting. The contents? I will tell you, it is a...
It was after school. I was so happy that we were told that we will go home at 1.50 pm tommorrow during the assembly! Well, what a once-in-a-lifetime chance as we were used to return home late. Better still, my class was announced as the runner-up for the "Bintang Menuju Puncak Kegemilangan" during this assembly. Hurrah!
It was 3.30 pm when I went to Pizza Hut with the Cooperation shop assistants and the respective teachers. My, we really PIGGED OUT! Everyone has a personal pan pizza, mushroom soup, garlic bread and coke. What a meal indeed... There was also a lucky draw, but as usual, I am not that lucky... XP
That was what happened today. See You!

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