Friday, November 12, 2010

Holiday like HELL!!!

Friends, I am extremely SORRY to keep saying the word "hell" in many of my posts, but this is what I am feeling now.

  1. First, I got merely the THIRD in class... Thanks to my horrible results.
  2. Secondly, the Form 5 literature is not going to be easy at all. I hope I can tackle the problems in literature easily (especially the Malay classic prose). New syllabus, just imagine-"Kembara Amira" for novel, "Dirgahayu Bahasaku" for Malay Anthology for Literature, "Catch Me If You Can" for English novel and English poem-short story-drama collection. Well, I have studied the last in Form 4 but there are two poems to be learned in Form 5, namely "Nature" and "Are You Still Playing the Flute?" I have not read the English Novel but I started on the Malay novel, which is actually based on adventure and oh, HISTORY AGAIN! Worse come to worse, DIRGAHAYU BAHASAKU. Can you imagine, 30 pages in a single Malay prose, 45 pages in a drama "Tiang Cengal Dinding Sayung", 48 pages in the drama "1400" and 62 PAGES IN "DATO' ONN"! Oh, no!
  3. Thirdly, There are LOADS of holiday homework to do. Just imagine, 27 SYNOPSIS TO DO FOR FORM 5 NOVEL!!! (Chapter-by-chapter summaries)

Oh my god... I am lucky that I can retain in the top class (501) next year. I hope everything will be alright when I turn into a Form 5 student next year and SPM-ONE YEAR AWAY! My goodness, and oh, before I forgot, I have yet to improve my History and Additional Mathematics...

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