Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I wonder what was the hell going on my examinations this time. This subject drop, that subject drop, yet there were some subjects which went up but did not surpass my expectations. Well, well, I do not want the other subjects to have the same fate again.
Well, well. First of all, today, I got my English for paper 1. I opened the paper gingerly and OH MY GOD, do you know what did I get?
Very bad...
Very disgusting...
HELL! This was my worst experience in English, which was usually my best. Later it was the Moral results. 87 ONLY! Many of my friends have an A+, so I wonder what Puan Fatimah will say?
After that, it was Chinese Language time. 3 MORE MARKS TO GET AN A+!!! Hell. I hope I can perform better next time.

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