Monday, December 20, 2010

Kuala Lumpur Trip

Friends, I am back here to share about my trip to Kuala Lumpur with my family. This post may be a bit too long due to numerous pictures placed in it, but I sincerely hope you will love them!

Day 1, 18 December 2010
At my 1st Aunt's house

My sis and cousin, Timothy

Chocolate Galore!

Here are just some souvenirs my aunt brought for me from her trip in Australia. I Love them!

My Teddy

Day 2, 19 December 2010

At KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre)

We went to Aquaria at 10.30 am.It was a long queue. The ticket is quite pricey-RM35 for adults with MyKad. Yet, the abundance of marine creatures and the fascination in it was worth the price! :)

Back to the Shopping Complex.

It was almost 2.00pm when we left Aquaria KLCC. Christmas Cheer was around the large shopping complex. Later we had lunch at Level 2 (if I am not mistaken). Gosh! There were many restaurants for you to choose from, but the eating place was not in the outlets as usual-like a food court instead! It was almost a half hour later until we finally found our seats. Really, the place was damn crowded. I ordered penne and a sub from Subway. Of course, I ate only half of the sub. Gluttony, right?

We then left KLCC at around 3.00pm and returned home at 4.15pm. Unfortunately, at around 7.15pm, we were stuck in a traffic congestion at the highway to Taiping. The reason was pretty ridiculous and unfair to many road users including my family-There were too many people who were heading towards Kuala Lumpur that the right lane at my side was actually opened to them! At the same time, there was a road construction work going on.

That spoils the day.

Anyway, I love this trip to Kuala Lumpur. I hope to explore more wonders there soon, but there was something which I do not want...


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