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Friends, this is an essay of mine, which is all about my feelings as a sixteen-year-old teenager. I hope you will like it! (Please tick a reaction or leave a comment, thanks!)

Sixteen, a simple two-digit number which comprises of only number one and six, may seem ordinary and merely Plain Jane to many. Yet, to me, this number is more than just a figure-it marks my metamorphosis from an immatured young girl into late adolescence and soon into adulthood. It also symbolises the great revolution in my life, both physical and mental.

Well, I love being sixteen, and even the life of being at this age. First and foremost, being sixteen means being more matured. At this age, I am no longer considered as any immature ninny by many as I start to develop rational and logical thinking. I know how to differentiate between the good and bad, instead of mixing the facts and irrational decisions like before. For instance, I no longer fret when anyone mocked at me for not being under their influence-negatively. You name it, and I can immediately list them out-boyfriends, latest fashion, handphones and all. I even have the knowledge in making appropriate judgments when it comes to making decisions.

Besides, the age of sixteen is a platform for me to build skills and qualities needed to venture into venture into adulthood. At the age of sixteen, I become more independent-although not really independent-in quite many aspects. Chores, coursework, school assignments-what else? I can no longer rely too much on my family and friends to help me to complete my work. At the same time, independence trained me to become dilligent because "No pain, no gain". If I carry an indolent attitude towards my academics, well, definitely I cannot cope with schoolwork and school activities. Worse of all, I will not keep on par with my academics. When I see my fruit of success, eventually, I feel that all the hard work pays.

However, the best of being at this age is that I am finally able to hang out with friends! After being "grounded" for one and a half decade, I can finally spend my leisure time with my friends, which actually increased interpersonal communication with me and my peers. At the same time, we can actually chat, albeit the seven-hours-a-day school hours, which expected us to keep ourselves as quiet as a mouse! Unfortunately, homework and examination stress held me back from going out with my peers often.

On top of that, at the age of sixteen, I know the methods to enjoy life better. I recently picked up the hobby of listening to songs through the radio. My, just try to appreciate the infinite rhythm and the meaningful lyrics... It is literally the best form of entertainment ever. By listening to music, my homework and examination stress vanished like smoke. I watch the television every Sunday too instead of being cooped up n the study room all day, but I take control of my time so that I will not be a couch potato. However, entertainment can be quite distracting at times if they are used in excess, so I learn to divide my time more systematically too, as time is gold.

At the age of sixteen too, I learn to love hygeine and neatliness. To tell the truth, I am no longer able to tolerate a room stuffed like a pigsty, filled with filth and foul stench, or even a desk chucked with unsightly trash. I even morphed from a messy maiden to a reasonably neat young lady. At this age, too, I started to be more self-conscious and later, into the way of practising a healthier lifestyle. At the same time, there are less "plaster" in my workbooks as well, unlike those disgusting stickers and correction tape marks which attacked my workbooks like a huge army of soldiers when I was in my lower form.

I may love the age of sixteen, but I must say that this age is quite troublesome for me as well! First of all, I must say that the alien study environment of the upper-secondary can make me go berserk! As a Science student, I have to memorize the various scientific jargons from the three main subjects: Biology, Physics and Chemistry, such as "momentum', 'assimilation', "latent heat", "polymerisation"...just to name a few. If these are not enough, well, my brain is crammed with the various scientific and Mathematics formulae at the same time! Being quite a noob in Additional Mathematics, I am always the bane of the Additional Mathematics teacher. I can hardly understand how differentiation occurs, why a negative number makes the curve in a graph of function faces up, etc. The result? A just-satisfactory "B", thanks to my laziness and sheer dumbness towards the subject.

If those weren't all, well, there comes the homework-giving maniac and 16-year-old examination stress. Loads of homework-no, but MOUNTAINS of homework-is part and parcel of my day and can make me go bananas! My homework and assignments will not be complete till the still of the night and I sometimes go to school like a panda. As a result, I can always be nominated as a Sleeping Beauty" in class. Meanwhile, I constantly view the upcoming examinations with raging angst. I may be in an elite class, but mind you, when it comes to examinations, it is virtually nothing but a fierce battle for "A"s and "A+"s. Facing the music due to my horrible grades can make me go to pieces!

I am not even surprised when anyone regard the age of sixteen as a honeymoon year. Trust me, the sixteenth year since you came to this Earth is never a honeymoon-at all! Unfortunately, I am quite a honeymooner in the beginning of the year. I tend to while away hours and hours in front of the mirror and the glaring box, especially the latter. I Facebooked and played online games almost daily, until the day I got my First Term examination results. I am also a loyal visitor of the mirror just to count the pimples which popped out or seeing how straight and neat my hair is and comb it furiously. Well, my result slip will never be beautiful like that!
On top of that, I must also say that sixteen is a very confusing age as sixteen-year-olds are sandwiched between youth and adulthood. I am the first-born in my family, but sometimes, I felt as though as I am being treated like a kid. For instance, there are some chores which I can do on my own during leisure time, but my parents insist on doing them and claimed that I am unable to perform those tasks! When it comes to purchasing clothes, my decisions are often limited. On the other hand, I am sometimes treated too much like an adult. When I face any problems, guess what?
"No complaint! You are a big girl already!" This left me feeling helpless and troubled.
Sigh! Being sixteen is so confusing that can drive anyone crazy! Sometimes I am sick of being in this age. Anyway, in a nutshell, I will still love and live the life of being a sixteen-year-old till my seventeenth birthday. The life at this age may prove to be insane at times, but of course, I will never grow if I do not pass this age. The sheer troubles at this age turned me into a more mentally mature youth than before. I am not going to view this age as a honeymoon year, but I will turn it into a platform to venture into adulthood and a bright future ahead, like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon.

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