Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Is Malaysia Safe? (Part 1)

Is today safe? Is Malaysia today safe? I fear not. If anyone says that he or she does not have an experience of having their belongings stolen or being robbed, I must consider them lucky. I am not trying to belittle the ability of the Malaysian Royal Police or any security force-what I wish to say here is that the crime rate in Malaysia is pretty alarming. What makes no sense is that sometimes cheap goods are the "prey" for the thieves as well!

Let me share some of my personal experiences. It was almost a couple of months ago, when everyone has returned to dreamland. That night was peaceful till daybreak, and, to my utmost surprise and disgust, something on my study desk near the window was missing! There was not any pricey items like a Rolex watch, diamond necklace or Chanel handbag-but a pink alarm clock worth a meagre amount of RM5!

A couple of days ago, something at the backyard of my house was missing as well! Neither my family was that dumb, nor do we afford to buy gold blocks and diamonds to place at the backyard! All we had are some iron wires and goods for my father's house construction work. To our dismay, rusty iron was not left out by those obnoxious thieves as well! What was the purpose? I wondered, with a zillion of "whys" in my head.

Sometimes I laughed my guts out when I read about meagre items stolen, which were published in the papers. Yet, isn't it a waste-or is it funny-to know that even examination papers are stolen? I wonder what are really in these pilferers' minds. When luxury, expensive jewellery and cash were once eyed by these chaps, now it is time for them to eye on dirt-cheap goods! I do not mean examination papers, of course. In my opinion, these pilferers should be put to gaol.

Well, this is just part of the ugly crime scene in this otherwise beautiful country. I am keeping my fingers crossed so that the Police will take immediate actions to combat pilfering. Otherwise, Malaysians will never live in peace. And oh, how about other crimes like illegal motor racing, murder, kidnapping and... what is next?

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