Friday, December 31, 2010

Untitled :D

Well, I do not really know how to name this post, so I just named this "Untitled". Really, I had mixed fillings as usual-to me, I am a walking plate of "Rojak".

Thursday, 30 December 2010

It was an ultimate food fiesta. I ate quite a lot yesterday-except at lunch.

Breakfast: Low-po-peng and tuna sandwich.
Lunch: cendol, a slice of bread and a piece of nyonya kuih.
Dinner: long bean rice and Popiah.

Actually, the main thing which I want to highlight is the dinner. It was actually the FIRST TIME I D.I.Y-ed my own popiah! I helped my mom to prepare the ingredients before the popiah was made. The combination is quite simple-stir-fried "bang-guang-cha", omelet, green peas (Ido not know the species of course), bean sprouts, lettuce, and the popiah skin of course, with some chili sauce, fried shallots and sweet sauce as condiments.

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Sorry! I actually did not take any because my camera is out of battery. Anyway the popiah tastes delicious! Well, my first popiah is a disaster. I actually put too much condiments and fillings until my popiah almost bursted. My dad is even crazier-he actually deliberately stuffed LOADS OF FILLINGS into his popiah skin and folded it into a triangle!

I ended up almost like a balloon. I ate a large plate of rice and three popiahs. Luckily they were fresh, not fried!

Friday, 31 December 2010

Today is the last day of 2010. Well, that is not the point because all of you sure know about this, right? XD

I went to school for the work at the Cooperation Shop in school this morning. It was a last-minute crowd there and the entire Cooperation Shop was packed like a can of sardines. I was to pack the books for Form One. Oh my God, the two-and-half-hour period was a perfect workout. My friends and I had to carry books here and there and serve the customers at the same time. Some were patient, but oh my, some were...


"Woi, cepatlah sikit! Saya nak balik!!!"

"Faster lah!"

Excuse me, we are not robots. We are no Androids. We are made of MEAT AND FLESH. Never mind, that was the perfect time to train my patience. Yet, MY PATIENCE IS LIMITED!!! I may look tame alright, but I am not really the patient type. (Sorry for emo-ing here...) Yet I am happy that many of them were patient. :)

I had a haircut in the afternoon. After that, I turned on the radio to listen to the Top 100 in (93.6MHz in Perak) while surfing the net at the same time. This is what I saw when I opened my Facebook-after those computer jams of course.

Well, there are 4 friend requests, a friend suggestion, 14 pokes and 45 notifications. Those are not much, but I was quite happy. I have 537 friends in total for now (too little for me of course) Okay, happy, but not until ecstatic. Later, I blogged and chatted-but the chat disappeared later. WHY???!!!

Never mind. It is about six hours and forty minutes from now until 2011.

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