Monday, December 27, 2010

School's Gonna Back...

And this is Miss Regret here... XD

Form 5 next year!!! SPM!!! And... I am still playing a FOOL!!!

It is just a week away before school reopens. I will be in Form 5, as told in some previous posts. Oh my God, what miscellaneous feelings, as I am equally happy, frightened, worried, excited, and lost at the same time. Queer, right?

Another thing is that I have to give up many things once I entered Form 5... :(

1. Online can be done only ONCE A WEEK!

2. I will have EXTRA HOMEWORK-for SPM preparation.

3. I will have to be cooped up in the study room for long.

4. I have to do something I hate-listening to LONG SPEECHES in school! (there is a special reason inside yeah)

5. I will have to be a night owl at most of the time-which is something I experienced this year and of course, "baby I hate it, the way I drop to the floor" (because of tiredness, heehee!)

Now, I am going to make a brief review of what I did this year, from bad to good in sequence.

Negative actions:

1. While away hours and hours in front of the computer.

2. I can get angry TOO times! XD

3. I start to watch the television-for too long hours, sometimes!

4. I tend to be quite a spendthrift... XP

Neutral actions (Good or bad?)

1. I start to love trendy clothes, not the outlandish ones of course.

2. I always want FREEDOM to SPEAK OUT! (of course, no sensitive issues)

Good ones

1. I start to LOVE housework!

2. I no longer tend to expect too high for anything (but sometimes I got that feeling too!)

3. Finally I know how to turn a deaf ear when people treat me as a laughing stock. O:)

Just like you all, let us countdown to the year of 2011. By the way, what's your new year resolutions? ;)

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