Saturday, March 31, 2012

Scholarship Applications! Woots! (Part 2)

Sharon, does it need to take you THAT long for just a sequel of a tale?

Promised for a sequel as the next post but ended up with a lot of others. Bad girl!

So it was. The applications of the other scholarships were not any better (except that they were not as erratic as the UPU!) I have diverse interests-computer programming, multimedia, languages and accounting, and so there it was-a considerable amount of time spent in front of the glaring idiot box, with my eyes squinting just to read and figure out the tiny (and not cute) letters displayed on the screen. After a through scan across various websites with reference to the foul-smelling, highly-piled up newspapers, I crossed out everything that were irrelevant and here came my final choices: click me!

I kickstarted the rigmarole with the ASEAN scholarship. Despite having scored a distinction in my English 1119 paper, I could never make a head or tail of whatsoever which were written on the online application form. Commitments in school? Fine, I got it. However, I took part in several competitions as well! Essay competitions, parliamentary debates, games... It had beat me terribly for trying to figure out the perfect answer. What was more, my year-end results in Form Four was required, and that I had to submit a gazillion copies of certified documents!Those were not all; I got a handsome charge of RM27.50 to post my documents to the Lion city! And ended up facing the music. And got nagged by my mom the whole day long about the exorbitant fees that I had forked out all this while!

Hello! I know that I spend a lot but not till the extend of a hardcore shopper, or a fashionista who never fails to capture the eyes of those onlooking shoppers, or worse, on a supermodel budget! I know my limits!
Photo: Paris Hilton shopping
Wow, Paris Hilton's AMAZING arms that made my eyes roll! You can achieve that too, if you spend thousands of dollars a day to buy clothes that you will wear only once, maybe, and lug them everywhere!
(Some of my clothes which I wore since as a kid, were still in my wardrobe, and in tip-top condition!)No offence to Miss Hilton though.

Oh well, money is not meant to be burnt for goodness sake. Donate to ME!!! XD

Well, it was, once again, all in a day's work.

Here, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my allies, CYNTHIA and WEI LIN. If not for Cynthia, I would not be able to race against time to fill the application form for the scholarship. As for Wei Lin, I would be still in dreamland if not for you reminding me on the documents. God bless both of ya!

God bless me too. Getting the scholarship and pursuing A-Levels in Singapore, is among my choice. (Yes, I AM STILL undecided!)

Later, there came the applications for local scholarships. Scholarships from Petronas and the TNB Foundation were extremely hard to come by, especially the former. Mind you, say adios to Petronas if you are with but even a single B+ subject! Again, the sites got crammed up, and I could use only the pesky Internet Explorer to browse for the Petronas scholarship! Slow and troublesome. ==''' (I use Google Chrome for almost all the time unless for anything related to the government sectors)

As for TNB, the application procedure was simple but logging into the site was literally stuffing yourself into a massive traffic jam for hours and hours. When those living in the sophisticated metropolitan had to leave their homes three hours prior to office hours, this teenager had to lift her butt off and head straight to the computer table, tears overflowing. After much brain-cracking moments and almost done in completing the application, I hit the "Save" button repeatedly, and the website stayed static! No more progress thereafter halfway through the "extra-curricular activities" section! I had no idea but to shut the entire website and start from scratch. Again and again. What a vicious cycle!

I would rather listen to this song "Again and Again" by 2PM, than filling forms again and again. The former is entertaining; the latter is plain boring!

And unfortunately, the same went to Petronas!

Congratulations Sharon, you have just spent more than twenty hours for scholarship applications! A silly waste of time as well, which is obviously what I DON'T WANT.

I had no choice but to put up with them. Yes, SACRIFICES. I had to sacrifice my energy and time to pass my examinations in flying colours, and the cycle comes again, for tertiary education. YIKES!!!

Had I been too impatient and frustrated to complete these forms until the end, I will have no choice but to study in Form 6. That is my last straw! Sweaty school uniform which renders me looking like a meat dumpling, stringent school rules to follow, and yes, this young soul will be once again trapped among the icy cold school fences for one and a half year! Of course, here come the advantages: Form 6 will be having school-based assessments, which is less demanding compared to the old system where STPM says it all. Besides, it is a cheaper option compared to college, and it is recognised in both local and foreign universities. More courses to choose as well! (Heartfelt gratitude to my pretty senior, Ai Luan this time!)

St George Institution or Hua Lian Secondary will be my choices, given that I am actually destined to study in that much dreaded Form Six classes. Not a bad idea too! Ha ha.

Anyway, we Chinese are more than just being encouraged to pursue Form Six. Well, I am totally stuck between the crossroads while the seconds kept tickling by. Worse, I am still flying around my dreamland!

Being a teacher? Hey, that was among my ambition too! (Obviously, I have DIVERSE interests, ha ha!) Alas, those places open were only for the up-and-coming PRIMARY SCHOOL teachers. Facing kids and go yodelay-hee-ho! My goodness.

I am going GAGA. Ra-ra-a-a-a-a, Rum-mah-ma-ma-ma-ma, Ga-ga-ooh-la-la... (What on Earth I am CRAPPING ABOUT?)

Ha ha! Ain't the lyrics crazy? "I want your ugly, I want your disease..." "I want your psycho, your vertigo stick..."

==''' That is EXACTLY what I am feeling right now! LOL. She won't be called as Lady Gaga for nothing!

It was only later that I found out from my friends that all sorts of teachers' training begins at the primary school stage. Fine then! I applied for the Chinese School group when, to my dismay, there are no such course for teaching Chinese language in a Chinese vernacular school! What the hell. Okay, there the application went: First choice, teaching English in a Chinese vernacular school; Second choice; teaching Bahasa Malaysia in a Chinese vernacular school. I want to teach there, not that I am racist; but since I began my education in a Chinese vernacular school, and took up Chinese language in SPM, why NOT I teach there?

The curtain call for all these endeavours had finally came! Fuh! Alas, the documents were yet to be ready, and I am still undecided!



  1. What on earth did you send to Singapore's MOE till you pay RM27.50?