Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Frolicking in the Lion City! -Day 2

11 December 2011

Aaarrrggghhh!!! After the night-long "battle" with my cousins' Wii game console along with my cousins, Bryan and Amanda, it was another sleazy morning at 7.20 a.m. It was a Singapore escapade again after breakfast!

Unfortunately, the traffic at the causeway was outrageously jammed. Thus, it was almost noon by the time we arrived at Singapore. :-/ Well, better late than never, better safe than sorry!

As promised by my aunt, we went to the Burdington Square. It was a place for budget buys. The buildings there were built using traditional Chinese architecture, and temples were everywhere. The drizzling did not dampen the holiday mood. In fact, the city was crowded like a can of sardines. Food stalls and stalls selling Buddhist ritual necessities were lined up neatly side by side across the street. 

As a devout Buddhist, mom headed straight to the Great Guan Yin Temple (above) which was said to be the most renowned temple in Singapore. There is a unique rule in the temple: NO JOSS STICKS ALLOWED! It was packed with devout Buddhist disciples and curious tourists, both inside and outside the temple.

After that, we visited the local market and stores. We were totally starry-eyed and spoilt for choice as there were lots of great bargains and buys! In the end, after much fidgeting for the purchases, my family bought some foodstuffs from New Moon.

In the afternoon, we went to Ah Hua's Bak Kut Teh Restaurant for lunch. Though not air-conditioned, the food served was a real "Wow" factor! 

Even stars favour this outlet as well!

For your information, the Bak Kut Teh in Singapore was much different with the Malaysian version of the Chinese herbal delicacy. Instead of having a rich aroma of spices and brown soup, the Singaporean version tasted rather like pig stomach soup which had lots of peppercorn. Be rest assured that it is not at all spicy!

After that hearty lunch, we visited Marina Square at Esplanade.

Look at the colourful decorations!

The cute "igloo" which looked like a heap of balls, for that Yuletide mood.

Singapore's signature Merlion statuette.

The durian-shaped Esplanade performing arts center, which never fails to stand out in the Marina Square area.

The ferris wheel, "Singapore Eye"

Skyscrapers were abundant in the Lion City.

In the afternoon, we visited my aunt's family's house in Bedok Reservoir Garden. 

Here are some bird's-eye view snapshots from the apartment...

Cute public garden

Singaporeans really do know how to use their land well!

Paradise Restaurant-that was where my relatives and my family went for a dinner grandeur. My, did we actually PIG OUT???!!!

Whoa, what a bloated tummy! I love this dinner though. 

By nightfall, it is time to bid Singapore adios. I will miss Singapore, this beautiful city. I vowed that I will pay a visit to here again next time!

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