Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Frolicking in the Lion City-Part 1

Hello everyone and Good morning!

Okay, well, I am going to share my experiences on my trip to Singapore and Malacca for the past three days. However, since there is an extremely long story to tell, I will further break my miniature trip journal down into three posts.

This post is about... DAY ONE.

It was 3.30 a.m. Still feeling dazed and groggy, I leapt straight out of bed and got geared up for my very first trip to Singapore. After packing the documents and shoved the luggage hastily into the car, the holiday affair began. 

Johor Bahru was our first stop. Well, that was where my uncle-well, he is my mom's brother-lives. It was a five-hour long journey and along with frequent road bumps which renders the vehicle "dancing" like crazy before arriving there!

Later in the afternoon, we left for the Lion City. Crossing the Malaysia-Singapore causeway was no big deal-it was the massive traffic congestion that matters. After all those mundane custom checks and all, the thrill in the country began! Singapore was very much different from Malaysia. It was very clean, with virtually not a single rubbish strewn anywhere. (Well, if you are caught littering in Singapore, you may be fined S$1000 (which is equivalent to RM2450) or sentenced to community service, so litter if you dare! )Contrary to the rows of houses in Malaysia, Singapore was an island fully packed with skyscrapers and apartments as land was scarce. Only those who are rolling in money can afford even a terrace house there!

We first visited Sentosa Resort. Voyage de la Vie-that was the beginning of the fun-filled chronicles in Singapore-for me. It was a spellbinding, enthralling and a sensational acrobatic theatrical performance. The performance was about a life story which surrounded a young man who was searching for his destiny. It began with him having working stress, and later he followed a wondrous red orb into a strange world where  several extraordinary characters guide him through the journey of life. He finally realizes that it is important to be himself. The theater showcased a beautiful singing performance by the persona, who was actually nominated as the Singapore idol, who has captivated the audience with his dreamy, electrifying voice. Besides, the agile performers have captivated us with there slick dance moves and precarious acrobatic performance to further enhance the story line.

After the two-hour long performance, it was time for us to stroll around the resort. I will let the pictures do the talking as we did not toured much as time was limited.

Posing with Singapore's signature merlion!

Candy Galore! 

The Universal Pictures Globe!
(anyway, we did not have enough time to watch movies there)

Look at the Goodies brought from Hershey's!

Hershey is among my favourite chocolate brand. Obviously, I will make a beeline for it. However, visitors were prohibited from taking photography around the cute little chocolate world. Seriously, it was a real HEAVEN for Chocolate lovers out there (including myself)! Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, chocolate candles... You name it, and they have it.

Anyway, we did not buy much. 

 In the evening, we visited the Suntec City Mall in Promenade. There, I was awed upon witnessing the beauty of the dancing musical fountain. It occupied a large area of the upper basement of the mall. (Most of the buildings in Singapore have numerous basements as land was scarce) 

The zodiac signs and fkiir sculptures were built along a mini roundabout on the ground floor which surrounds the fountain.

As you can see, I am born in the year of Dog. Nevertheless, I am phobic on large dogs.
 The fountain displayed in sync with the music played. We were told that there will be colourful water displays at night. However, we did not have much time for that. I really hope to witness that one day!

The fountain display was AWESOME!

P/S: Sorry for the picture editing mistake. I forgot to rotate it!

The touchwater session was hold in specific times. It was believed to help realize the visitors' dreams and ambitions.

After witnessing the beauty of the display, we headed to MOF (a Japanese Restaurant) to cure our groaning and rambling tummies. It has a gentle atmosphere and a wholly Japanese ambiance which was suitable for dining. (I did not take the pictures of the shop. you can see for yourself! Seeing is believing, ha ha!

The food there was absolutely one in a million!

After the dinner, we went to explore the many other exciting places in Singapore via the MRT. It was my very first time on the MRT. What a trip!

The ticket costs about S$2.40. Passengers can get a refund of S$1.00 if they return their tickets within 30 days.

The MRT was extremely crowded during the festive season. It has reserved places for those with special requirements such as the seniors, pregnant women and the handicapped.

Have to stand along the way!
 The MRT was wholly operated by computers (no drivers obviously) and travelled at a very high speed. It took only a couple of minutes to arrive at the designated destinations.

Our next stop--> ORCHARD ROAD

Look at the beautiful light displays for Christmas  which illuminated the street beautifully!

It was really late at night by the time we returned to Promenade and went home, exhausted. 

Singapore, wait for me at 11 December 2011!

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