Thursday, December 8, 2011

Girls' Day Out :-)

Ah, it was almost CENTURIES since the book-chewing and brain-cracking hermit had last went out and take a breather with her friends!

Today, I hung out in Taiping Sentral with my friends, Xin Ying and Soo Teng at almost 11a.m.

It was a long wait for Soo Teng (Soo Teng, please forgive my straight-forwardness... ) so Xin Ying and I just walked around and admire the Christmas decorations in the mall. Soo Teng arrived around half an hour later: She went to school to return the textbooks, and guess what, she actually WALKED all the way to the mall! Good gracious, it is of little wonder that she was quite lethargic...

However, that little hitch did not spoil the day.

We strolled around the not-really-crowded mall and stumbled across Pei Hua and her classmates who were embarked on a quest to look for jobs during the holidays. (Ha ha... I might have to look for one too, but my dad told me to find a job only AFTER I have finished my driving lessons. That is CRAZY!!!)

Flashing back the beautiful and mesmerizing childhood memories...
(Left: Soo Teng; Right: Xin Ying)

Well, this is, by far, my favourite self-cam picture.

After much "exploring" around the mall, we headed straight to the box office for the "Puss and Boots" tickets. It must be a lovely movie... Anyhow it is, we will see for ourselves! As there was much time left, we went for McDonald's for lunch.

It was 1.25p.m. Oh no, we really have to HURRY! Soo Teng then suggested the tiring shortcut-STAIRCASE!!! Well, it was way faster than using the escalator and is friendlier to the heart as well. :-) It was just a matter of ascending two floors minus the crowd and shoves.

Phew! Aren't we lucky? We got to the cinema just in time! This is it...

As I said, PUSS IN BOOTS. I had a great affinity to cartoons obviously... (Well, I will narrate the details of the movie in my next post. It is a long story indeed.)

It was my first time watching movies in 3D. Putting on the special glasses made for watching 3D movies over my thick-rimmed glasses was no big deal, but to watch the effect clearly, I had to tilt my head a little to the right... Sigh!

Nonetheless, the fun-filled movie was worth the itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny trouble. The movie could made you laugh your guts out, especially the part where Puss In Boots and Kitty Softpaws were dance-fighting at the beginning of the show, and the other feline members played music with everything available (including fish bones, for goodness sake!) Laughter was around in the cinema during the movie screening, but of course, there were some heart-pounding drama (such as the plot where Puss in Boots joined forces with Humpty Dumpty, his best friend, and Kitty Softpaws, his female counterpart, went to steal the legendary magic beans from Jack and Jill.)

After the hilarious movie treat, Old Town White Coffee was our next stop for some chat, pictures (again) and tea.

From left: Soo Teng, Xin Ying, me, Shir Li

It is late at night now... almost eleven... till then, revoir! I will continue posting tomorrow (and maybe, DAILY? The only hitch is that the Internet in my area is down)

Anyway, I will be going for a holiday at 10th to 12th December. Thus, I will be posting after these days. Bye...!!!

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