Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012-My Wishlist! :D

2011 is coming to an end while 2012 is drawing near. As time flies and a new phase of life-and human civilization-is about to kick off, I harbour lots of hopes, praying that 2012 will not turn out into the dreaded DOOMS DAY.

Doom's Day? Well, in religion, that is possible. However, I do hope that it will never, never come and gulp everyone. There is still a long way ahead for us all-and including ME, of course! For this coming year, I have decided on a list in order to improve myself in terms of life. (Well, i may have retired from school, but life is about improvement, and not just a dull stagnant journey!)

I will jot down my wishlist in point form... (AGAIN!!!)

1. Broaden my general knowledge.

Despite being a high school student no more, there is no reason for me to let my brain rest hundred-percent. In fact, I do not want it to "rust"! As told by our ancestors, "knowledge is the guide for life". Without knowledge,  human can do virtually nothing. Thus, I am currently picking up magazines, newspapers and occassionally novels, to indulge in good reads for the sake of language proficiency and broadening my horizons. Never mind, such reading habit is NEVER as stressful  as flipping and memorizing the endless flow of facts in the revision books, obviously. Best of all, it is suitable for all ages regardless of time and location.

2. Pass my driving tests quickly and smoothly.

This is the book of rules and regulations on the road. By the way, I have passed the computer test and currently waiting for the "L" licence.

Who says that school leavers do not go to school? Of course they DO! However, the classes are not as long as those in academic schools. They showcase two sessions of long lectures, practical driving sessions and driving tests of course. As I am taking only car lessons, ! hope that I will somehow go through the entire lesson well and who knows, I can take my family and friends for a joyride one day! I am longing for that.

By the way, most importantly, driving is a priority these days. You can almost go nowhere without a vehicle in at least two wheels, in spite of the fact that the world iss getting smaller.

3. Stay fitter than before!

Can I possibly become like that? Well, hopefully yes.
To be frank, I am quite chubby yeah. I will stay away from fast foods and snacks whenever possible. Besides, I am opting for a vegetarian diet, which is quite difficult as I am an avid seafood lover and a fan of eggs. No, I still consume meat for now of course, but I will watch my diet in order to keep diseases and bulges away. Exercise, well, that is a must, but I am quite uncertain on the best type of exercise for me. Most importantly, I must stay happy everyday! Laughter is the best medicine!

4. Learn up cooking.

We are not cavemen who eat only raw food. Thus, I want to learn up cooking as a step towards independence. I can cut vegetables quite well but meat products are problems to me. I hope I can cook as well as my mom. (Hey Sharon, dream on!) Anyway, I love the kitchen more than the classroom. I love cooking up a storm, erm, well, at least I know how to fry rice. Ha ha!

5. Play the keyboard.

I will not describe more about the keyboard as I had mentioned about it in my previous post. I am currently learning up some Chinese New Year songs, yet it is still in a messy manner. My mom always question me where I learn the songs from. In terms of precision, I am still way below par. Never mind, I love the keyboard, and I will never give up!

6. Seek a part time job

My dad allows me to look for a job only AFTER I pass the driving examinations. That will be almost two months later. I am looking for jobs such as temporary clerk or shop helper. Waitress? No way!!! I want to gain some working experience before stepping into the doors of the campus.

7. Get a laptop.

I will need it for campus assignments and all. Most importantly, it is MOBILE! I hope for a Sony VAIO because it is sleek and stylish.

8. Get straight A+'s in my SPM, of course!

The results will only be out next year. After all the hard work and frustration in studies, I hope that I will pass the examinations in flying colours. No, but 11 A+'s!!! God, help me!!!

New Year, New Life. I am keeping my fingers crossed while fidgeting about my future and further studies for now, besides doing lots of nonsense. I pray that 2012 is much peaceful than this year, and that everyone will live happily in comfort, just peace, no disasters, no war. That makes a paradise-UTOPIA.

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