Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Heart Hello Kitty

What's going on these days? Oh no, the days were just dark and gloomy as usual. Every episode that fluttered across the calendar made me cry in my heart.

(Sharon, stop be pessimistic!!! )

However, there is something which I find kind of "back-to-the-past" This year. Malaysians who watch 8TV Chinese News, you will comprehend what is my post all about.

-Hello Kitty themed Restaurant, Beijing-

Oh my God! I would like to dine in this restaurant if possible! Watching this restaurant on the television is enough to beckon me to this. I am severely deficient of Vitamin M, though. Maybe, a decade or two later? I hope that by the time I go to Beijing, the restaurant is still open. According to the television report, too, that this new restaurant established last December has successfully drew thousands of curious customers and Hello Kitty fans there!

Here are some of the snapshots of this cute eatery, which I got from Google Images, of course.



Oh my God, It is just lovely...

Lessons: When venturing into any business, creativity and innovation counts.

-Is this a man, or Hello Kitty?

Watch this video for this special news on filial piety. (You have to understand both Mandarin and Hokkien language for this.)

If I were the man, I would not shave my head like that! :P

Here is the page on anything related to HELLO KITTY, which I liked recently.