Saturday, February 25, 2012

Driving Test on the Way!

Whoa, Driving examinations! My parking skills are still way below par! My driving test will be on 29 February, and that made me feel both excited yet afraid. Excited-because I am to get my "P" driving licence if I pass the driving test; Afraid-what if luck is not on my side and actually FAILED the driving test? RM100++ will fly off my parents' pockets!

I always imagine-or, should I say, DREAM? I mean, I have a host of things to do if I can drive!

  • Fetch my sister to school! (Oh, yeah, I hope my sister won't get shocked because I drive pretty fast! Or, wake her up from slumber in the car...)
  • Take my friends to eat during SPM result release day!
  • Take my mom to the market (and lose a tire at the sharp corner... )
  • Look for a part-time job! 
  • Drive to Taiping Lakegarden! (For exercise...)

What else?

I don't know. For now, the last effort that I can do is to pray hard and practise driving every evening (and leave my dad light-headed and infuriated...!!!)

Wish me luck...



  • 载我妹上学!(我真怕吓着妹妹呢,因为我不是驾车,我飞车!)
  • SPM成绩放榜时,载我朋友大餐一顿!
  • 载我妈买菜(同时在拐角处丢失车轮,哈哈!)
  • 找兼职。
  • 去太平湖做运动!