Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Work... Again...

I am still feeling weird and lost. When is my driving examination? Now that February is coming to an end, and the dreaded SPM results are just a month away! (I think I had repeated it uncountable times...)

I was informed that there were too many people are in the wait for the driving examination this month. Maybe,  my turn will be on March? DARN IT! Campus life will be frighteningly near, and will I manage to get a part time job prior to admittance into matriculation/university/Form 6? I want a part time job, mainly for experience in the workplace, that's all. Legal jobs, okay? (Maybe a clerk or a shop assistant or a waitress or a cashier? I don't know)

Why is that my post entitled "Work... Again..."? Oh yes, my "part time jobs", remember? Frankly, I am sort of got out of the wrong side of bed today, 5.15 am with a BAD BACKACHE AND SHOULDER PAINS! Why all these befall on me? Why that damn backache has haunted me for the past seven years? It is because of you, I can no longer sit still and carry really heavy things anymore, and had to drink hot ginger soup every now and then. Stupid.

Do i need that walking stick one day before I reach even 30? Please, God please say NO!
(Eh, what the hell I am writing right now? From SPM to backache... Hish... Go back! Back to the point, silly me!)

Early in the morning, the homemaking business was as usual. Cleaning the cups, wiping the dish racks... Of course, a highly calorie-packed breakfast to begin the day (which I do not like, but I was too lazy to cook oats!) Sweeping the floor with a backache, it took me more than an hour to clean up the house, which I usually take half an hour for the task. Next comes the work on joss papers, which all I could say, is just as cutting down the Himalaya Mountain bit by bit. I was fidgeting whatever work to do around the house, since it was still dawn. I do not want to get "kissed" by the annoying mosquitoes and have rats scurrying into my home. 

Thus, there went the joss papers, leaf by leaf. The strong smell of sandalwood rose and diffused around the house. Of course, it annoyed my mom in the kitchen, because the windows were not open. . She even threatened to return back all those 4000 joss papers and that I am not to carry out any work associated with joss papers again! Sigh...

Actually, those joss paper job is back-breaking you know???!!! However, I am happy to burn holes on the joss papers, even at a very slow pace... Okay, there I am, seated well near the table, accompanied by joss papers and stale air. 

It was the mee koo job later on. loads of mee koo doughs were there, well mixed by my mighty mom, and waiting for me the dummy to knead them into buns.

Yes, I like to help in making mee koo, but obviously I prefer EATING them with butter. One of my breakfast favourite! (Ignore my childish drawing though...)

The kneading process was easy. Oh well, it SOUNDED easy. I had to weigh every dough, making sure that they were 120grams each. Next, I had to pull the dough front to back using alternate hands. (Ala granny's way of washing clothes. )Repeat. Pull the dough front to back and then shape them into balls. Leave the lest to mom. XD

Considering my height (around 171cm, just average) and that of the table's, I might as well as do the squats while kneading the mee koo dough as well. It strengthens calf muscles and save me from backache. Good idea right?

my backache may be over, but as I am now typing this, I felt an intense pain searing through my right hand! Ouch! i guess it is time for mee koos again...

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