Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lessons on Cartoon

Having those weekend blues due to boredom? Worry not, I shall prescribe the perfect panacea: Cartoons in the morning.

Ehem, I am not sure since when I begin to like cartoons back after years without cartoons. Reminiscing my childhood nostalgia? Maybe. As a matter of fact, it began last Sunday, when I was haunted by the weekend blues while carrying out my daily household chores. I aptly went to the ancient television set and "switch"! flashing across the screen was a scene in a cartoon show entitled "Willy's Wild Life". The show was aired midway by the time I turned on the television. These are what I saw...

Willa and Dooley were playing skipping with their friends. No-but their PETS. They then invited three girls-Sara, Kara and Lara to play with them but got turned down. Games? Fashion conquers everything! The trio were too proud to join them as they were sporting Scrunchies, a new head dress for that week.

"I want my Scrunchies..."

Willa could not afford any! Her pocket money and wage were used up, and her father irked at her, saying that it was unnecessary.  Besides, she has got a wardrobe-full of new clothes for her birthday.

How you wear Scrunchies. (Picture from the Internet)
She wanted the Scrunchies badly as she wished to keep up with the latest trends just as her friends did. Thus, under her father and friends' suggestion, she went around her neighbourhood to carry out chores, only to create more chaos. Thus, instead of earning money, she landed herself into a string of debts instead.

Somehow, Willa managed to earn a handsome sum of wage. How does she spend it?

(Highlight the text below for answer.)

She bought no Scrunchies. In fact, seeds, hose, and a grand ice-cream party were where she spent on. Her Scrunchies was just a balloon.

Who cares?

Her pet giraffe got itself three Scrunchies-from the trio actually. They have wastefully discarded them and got themselves new hats with blades-only to see their hats drift into the air.... (Imagine fashion in just a week....)


Spend money wisely.
It is unnecessary to keep up with the Joneses. 
A penny saved is a penny gained.
no pain, no gain.

Lest there is any other boring Sunday mornings, i will watch this for sure!

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