Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, papaya seeds... All sorts of seeds which give rise to the bountiful plants which paved the otherwise dull Earth with lush greenery.

(Hey Sharon, stop that usual prologue! I know that plants are beautiful, but you need not be that poetic, OKAY??!! Now get straight to the point!)

Me: Okay Okay!!! (Ish...)


Hale and hearty I am if not for my constantly aching, kind-of-squashed up tummy which constantly haunts me- EVERYDAY. It leaves me screaming on the floor, or facing problems even in a simple task such as writing and painting. It causes me to rush to the loo for any unknown reason. It causes me to... It causes me to...


I hate you, tummy! You are not only ginormous and spoil my pictures, but you have caused me lots of trouble too! I wish I can throw you away, but wait, can you imagine a person WITHOUT a tummy?

-End of the tummy thing-


A large, sweet-smelling orange-coloured fruit is to undergo "surgery".

Yippee! Papaya, my favourite fruit! My mom made me eat this really often as a panacea to my tummy-ache. (So, you can guess what is it already? ) Wait, there is something disgusting...

Ki siao! (Crazy) It is all due to that sickening tummy problem. Luckily, the seeds are to be swallowed and not chewed, because the seeds are more bitter than any other medicine on Earth!

My dad even teased me: "Eat more and..." (refer the picture below)

P/S: Sorry for the ridiculously ugly drawing... -.-

Nonsense! By the time the seeds traveled from the mouth into the oesophagus and then down to the stomach, they would have been digested by the hydrochloric acid in it! pH2, people! No plants could survive in such a condition, hello! (My Biology's not bad right? What not bad? I got A or A- for Biology in my usual examinations, man! ) ** narcissistic girl dancing around with smiles written all over her face**

Seeds are not just  to be planted or to be eaten in breakfast muesli cereals, but also a disgusting medicine. Now, I know! = ='''

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