Monday, February 13, 2012

A Car-tening Day.

"Sharon, do you want to go driving?"

That was my dad. Whoa, driving early in the morning? I usually drive in the evening, ehem, actually, I am LEARNING to drive. I am still under driving courses.

Thus, off the rickety, ancient car went. "Vroom!" (Yes, that is what happened when I start to drive. I am TERRIBLE at controlling clutches)

"Sharon, you need not fly your car, right?" Dad chided.

What to do?

So off the car went flying across the road and bridge, with some sharp, ear-piercing screeches at the back Tyre. Fortunately, the weather was relatively cool or else I would be sweating like a pig by the time I finished driving. Cars and lorries whizzed past my car like lightning.

My father even said that I was too slow! (Hello, 50 km/hour already, okay? I am still a new driver!!! And, I don't want accidents!!!)

With sharp, scary twists, slope-climbings which almost sent the car sailing in the air, and some episodes of close-shaves, Phew! I was lucky to finish three rounds of driving, safe and sound.

To be serious, it was drop-dead exhausting! Despite seven hours of sweet slumber, tears welled up in my eyes when I was folding joss papers at home.


I simply CAN'T believe this. I have actually napped for one and half hour...

To me, driving was really tiring. To my dad? No big deal!

"You newbies are always like that!!!"

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