Monday, June 11, 2012

The Turning Point

I will have a break from my stories. Turning point, man! TURNING POINT! URGENT!

Yes, my life will NEVER be the same again.

The school days were as usual. However, knowing that the results for teacher training will be out today, my hands were shaky as I drove to school. My mind was chaotic. Images of the slow-loading screen, myself being a Form Six student and being a teacher flashed into my mind as the time inched in school by the second. The usual fun-filled MUET lessons immediately reduced into boredom, while I became extremely sober out of the blue during Mathematics T class. The jargon in chemistry were hardly comprehensible, and I almost doze off during General Studies class (which I usually love it!)

Walking into distorted directions and with blurred vision and slurred conversation, with my voice deeper than usual and me having cold sweat, those were definitely unbearable!

What on earth was happening to me?

As the teachers went on and on with their lessons, I was secretly counting to two in the evening. Ah, How I wish time flies! Physically I was trapped among the four walls in school, but my soul was way back home.

The schoolbell rang and I immediately headed to the back gate. 1 minute. 5 minutes. Heavens! Why hasn't the car arrived yet? (I drove to school but my dad drove it home. How "good" a driver I am. as you see.)I raced to the front gate when, a blue Proton alza appeared at the back gate. I literally flew into the car like a rocket. Slam!

The computer was plugged. I hit the website for Ministry of Education and headed to the app for Teacher Training results.

"The Webpage was not available."

Another click. Almost successful since I managed to key in my Identification Card number.

"Error 503."


While chatting with my friends about the matter, I tirelessly hit the "reload" button again and again.

God please, let it load!


A Malay friend's answer.

"Sharon, saya sedihlah tak dapat."

"Fling!" again! This time it was from a crazy Chinese friend of mine. Miss Anxious, because she always seemed worried all the time as the days drew near to the big day where the results would soon be announced.

"I did not get"

Those added to my anxiety. Yes, I may be an excellent scorer in the examination hall. However, it was a totally different case altogether when it comes to speaking. I would be tongue-tied!

Yellow colour flashed through the screen! Yes, I was almost there! There went my Identification number.


WHAT??!!! I almost shrieked out of joy. To think that I was among the lucky few to get recruited into Teacher Training? Wow, I can't believe my eyes!


Dad mused that it was due to my outstanding results. Not really outstanding actually. This was God's gift actually. Another piece of great fortune! I love the English language and would like to build a Malaysian community with a better command in the language, so that's that.

However, it simply meant that it was time for me to part with my beloved friends, after a short reunion for three weeks in Form Six.

To my dear friends, do strive well for your future undertakings. Form Six was by no means easy, but I have faith that you can fare in it well. Keep your head up, strive against all currents and waves ahead and strut the path of life with confidence. NEVER SAY NEVER and the best is yet to be!

To Thillai (a friend of mine who was in the same boat with me), congratulations to you! May we eventually excel in this noble profession for educating the future generation and sow more seeds of wisdom everywhere across Malaysia. Let the wisdom sparkle. Let the young minds grow healthy and strong.

Who knows, one day I will spend with you guys some laksa or fried koay teow?

Friendships will always stay evergreen despite of the vast distance that will tear us apart. do keep in touch ya.

Now with my fingers waltzing on the keyboard, despite rejoicing my recruitment into teacher's training, there was a sense of loneliness in the deep corner of my heart. Being flung from the serene Raintown into the hustle and bustle of the city which never sleeps, it would certainly mark a significant transformation in my life. Worse, I am alone, counting the days for me to get into the Institution while viewing the days ahead in angst.

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