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Camp! (Part 4: The Best/Worse was Yet To Be.)

Sorry for posting about this THIS late! Well, there were too many crazy stuffs and happenings throughout May especially after school began! (Oh please, you are online almost DAILY... -.-) And I have to postpone it till today.

The sequel on my experiences in the YTM Pre-Interview Camp.

Let us get it started...


G-Warriors were to have a meeting half an hour earlier than the designated time. Thus there we were in the Transformation Room (fine, that was the name of the meeting room, nothing else). Still with heavy eye bags, most of the Warriors hastily got their assignments done. As I was helping out with the prototype for the 4G Public Phone with some others, it came again.

Another round of assignments.


Check these titles out!

"Kalau saya CEO Syarikat TM pada tahun 2020" (If I am thee CEO of the TM Company in 2020)
"Suami/Isteri Impian saya" (My dream spouse)
"Why Should I Get the Scholarship?"

At that moment, a sense of regret dawned on me. Why did I not brush up my proficiency in the National Language during the five-month vacation? What have I done? Fine, I can only write in English and Mandarin well. My Malay Language was no longer that good. Sigh...

Fortunately I managed to get my work done with moderate level Malay Language. The third question was to be written in English, thank God! (Bet if these essays were to my Malay Language teacher back in Form 5, I will bid farewell to even an A- for sure.) Somehow a fellow mle team mate commented that my Malay Language was at SPM level. Really???

#Yes, SPM level Malay Language was no easy task seriously! Let's imagine STPM then. :P

With our work halfway done, our facilitator, Encik Gulam, rounded us up to participate in group discussions and debates. Not any formal debate in any form of stifled atmosphere, though. (Phew!) Relax. Take a deep breathe. Think out the facts and share with the fellow Warriors, Then speak.

Basically our topics revolve around current issues (you don't say?) such as PTPTN, Education and for Goodness sake, POLITICS! Don't worry because there ain't any provocative or sensitive or offensive ideas inside. (However, for safety purposes, I will not reveal the details. Sorry!)

As the topic went into History and its significance in education, my eyes became half shut. Tears began leaving a shiny trail on my cheek. YAWNS!!! (And if you guys have read my previous posts, you will know how "passionate" I am in History.) To make matters worse, I could not make a head or tail of the Kelantanese dialect spoken. (Kelantanese please don't bash me up!) Hopefully I will in the future!

I enjoyed the PTPTN part though. It was a red-hot topic, mind you! We were discussing about the pros and contras of abolishing it. (Yes you can ask me more about it. It's good for you.)


As evening drew in, we began preparing for Dances and handicrafts as ordered by the facilitator. Yes, the facilitators from the other groups will be coming for a visit! The boys were busy choreographing their Bhangra, while we girls went around the college to look for unwanted goods for handicrafts. Newspapers, twigs, leaves... Mind you, LOTS of the buildings in the college are abandoned! :o

The boys kept is bursting in laughter with their unprofessional yet cute dance moves. (Imagine laughing while you dance, and that two dancers appeared out of nowhere at the beginning of the routine) While we girls hurriedly settled on our handicraft-basket. I found it difficult to roll the newspaper into a thin stick. Oh my fingers. I wondered if I actually helped or troubled the group after all. (Well, at least I made the glue! Ha ha!)

The facilitators were to come and review our work at 8.30 pm. However, as the minutes drew nearer and nearer to the designated time, the facilitators were nowhere to be seen. Fine then, we girls were in the midst of working on our basket! Yup, nice and intricate and beautiful it is! As the work was done, we sat around in the Meeting room, while exchanging autographs and enjoying the hilarious Bhangra.

Sure enough, the facilitators finally arrived-almost TWO HOURS later. Storming into the sparsely decorated room with a table full of biscuits, they sat down with stern, intimidating looks on their faces, one of them even with his leather shoe on the table. The Bhangra dance was the only segment which I can say, truly feasible and enjoyable. As the Dance ended and we moved on to the prototype (which Syamil explained about the functions etc.) The facilitator, now red-faced, began dishing out bad words and knocking our carefully-done prototype off the table. Worse, he even STEPPED on it!

Worse was yet to come. The facilitators pushed the table with the neatly arranged puzzle over.

"You pre-divided this puzzle right? Look at this! "A", "B", "C"... all printed at the back of the puzzle. Explain this. How you had this work done in a split second?"

There was a deathly silence.

"And look! Biscuits on the table! You are trying to bribe us is it? Is this what an ENGINEER should do? There goes the future of the country!: Boomed another.

"No sir, we were just trying to serve guests. It was a must to serve food,"a male member replied, still managing to giggle.

There was a thunderstorm looming above our heads, ready to curl and swallow us up in at any time.

The facilitators, full-forced, smashed everything done in our room. There went our effort. There went our hard work.

A fellow Chinese team mate was left in tears.

(Final episode-TOMORROW!)

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