Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Beautiful Garden

Does the garden has only flowers
Of a colour, of a type?
Or does it just look colourful and beautiful,
Like a floral rainbow?

If it has only one colour,
How dull it could be!
People will no longer enjoy
The beauty of the garden.

Like the garden, our country, Malaysia
Is colourful, too!
Look at the culture, environment and food,
These speaks all.

Our garden has various flowers,
The Malays, Chinese, Indians, and the others.
We may take in different substances,
But don't we live in harmony?

Look at our culture,
Dances, Festivals, and so much more
Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali...
We celebrate it all!

Cendol, ketupat, mooncakes...YUM!
Joget, Lion dance, Bharatanatyam...
We hear the music,
We listened and viewed everything nice.

We may speak various languages
But that is not the challenge
For us to unite, for we can
Understand all our friends.

And our environment is mostly a lush greenery,
With the beaches, islands and highlands.
Malaysia may has no natural winter to offer
But the warm cosy atmosphere
Is a hit among us too!

And look at what our forefathers did,
Without them, where is independence
Without them, what will be
Our Malaysia today?

We have plentiful food,
Not to suffer, not to wail.
We have perfect education
To build our mind and soul.

We have our own quality cars
And some savvy modern products.
Not to forget our traditional handcrafts
And tasty local fruits.

Look at our rainbow Malaysia.
It is so beautiful, it is so harmonious
It is a world of oriental symphony.
Let us sing proudly
To the spirit of Malaysia.

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