Thursday, September 9, 2010

Movie Reccommendation---Old Cow vs Young Grass

I watched this Singaporean Chinese movie-Old Cow vs Young Grass last Sunday in Taiping Sentral with my mother and sister at 4.30 pm. It was screened in the 5th theater. My, the movie is AWESOME ever since the beginning!

This show is mainly about Ah Moo (main character), a taxi driver in his late 40's, who wants to find a life partner but was always unsuccessful. His friend, by the nickname "Coffee Prince" in his late 30's, faced the same fate as well. Ah Moo was quite a reckless driver who got numerous traffic summonses. His customers were mainly young ladies and his pain in the neck was Xiao Yue who is 24 years old and likes to take her pet dog, Bubbles, into his taxi. Both Ah Moo and Coffee Prince had a crush on Xiao Ling (if I am not mistaken), a 26-year-old Chinese girl who worked as a nurse-cum-part-time bartender. They had strong feelings for her, but she left Singapore in the end of the show as she was fired simply for taking an old man for a stroll to visit his son. To her horror, the unfilial son chased them away and lodged a complaint against her. Since Coffee Prince had stronger feelings towards her than that of Ah Moo, he wanted to follow her back to China to pursue their romance. Alas, he went to Beijing instead of her hometown, Shanghai as his mother booked the wrong ticket.

Ah Moo, on the other hand, had to tolerate with Xiao Yue all the way, thanks to her weird behaviour. She went to Lim Chu Kang, a secluded area in the country every evening just to feed stray dogs. She was almost arrested in one of her attempts to do so. Later she revealed to Ah Moo that dogs were her only friends after her lover, Nat Lee's demise during a car crash. Lim Chu Kang was the place where their relationship budded. When Ah Moo showed her Nat's memorial, she finally accepted the fact that her lover was dead.

During the show, audiences are exposed to the walks of life of a taxi driver like Ah Moo, who had to face the attitudes and complaints of his fusy customers against him. Ah Moo had a negative perspective towards women, too, as his clients were mostly fierce and demanding young ladies, e.g. he thinks Xiao Ling is a prostitute simply because she dresses beautifully and works as a part-time bartender. His "match", which was his ex-classmate, made him even more furious as she expected him to spend her on a luxurious meal (crab, sharkfin etc.) and was unfriendly towards him. To add insult to injury, his quarrel with Xiao Yue over the stray dog case was mistaken by his friends as their love affair.

The actors and actresses in this movie show great gestures and humourous dialogue. I hope you will enjoy this movie.

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