Saturday, September 4, 2010

笨贼--You Idiot, Thief!!!---






I do not even know when the thieves "visited" my house. Another thing from my room is MISSING! Yet, it made me laughed out loud instead.

Don't think I am a freak. You know the reason if you continue reading this...

I had a cute pink alarm clock placed near the window. Yet I found it missing today. Oh My God! I know pretty well that it has no legs. I searched high and low in my house for it, but to no avail. I was worried as I lost my items many times before this.

Then, it came to my instinct that the thief had actually took my clock for a money box! Oh no. He was oh-so-dumb. Yet I was grateful anyway that it was actually a cheap item (around RM5).


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