Thursday, May 31, 2012

Miss Roti Canai in the Making! (Part 4 第四篇)

The lessons officially began. End of orientation. I'm proud to announce that...


Reports, committee list and all... And they were to be completed in a couple of minutes. As I've mentioned earlier, Form 6 is all about "Sense of Urgency", thus it is just normal to complete them while the Pengajian Am lessons are on.

Oh yeah, before I forget, I would like to invite you guys to join this! I sponsor Doodles. :D First time getting honoured to be a sponsor man! #Touched

Okay sorry for the interruption but I was just too excited to be a sponsor!!!

My class teacher was the ever cheerful Mister Sri Rengan, who happened to be my Pengajian Am teacher as well. I was fortunate that the lessons were not at the least monotonous under him! He did not read straight out of the book; instead, he explained them in detail and in an enthralling manner. Well, that's what a Pengajian Am teacher should be in my opinion! (Remember that day when I posted that Pengajian Am resembled a mixture of History and Civic Education?)

Guess I will have to read it up although I hate memorizing stuff. :X

There comes the essays. Urgh! I have not wrote a single Malay Essay after those months after SPM! Sure enough, my essay turned up horrible and it failed to keep to the word limit. Guess it is high time for me to brush up my writing skills now.

As for Chemistry and Mathematics, I still fail to make  head or tail to comprehend to the lessons lectured. Time indeed flies! In one split second, the teacher has covered THREE topics. Gosh! I bet I will fail my Mathematics. :'(

Guess there's no need to mention the homework overload. (That's why I called myself Miss Roti Canai! Ha ha.) Despite that, I still managed to sneak some time out for my favourite activity-BLOGGING!!!

How I wish that there was blogging class in From 6 and university! That will be fun!

By the way, do pray for me that I will soon get recruited into Teacher Training and my Contest will go smoothly. 2 JUNE. June will be really eventful to me. Good luck Sharon!

#And sorry for the mini post by the way. I've to hurry my homework now.

Stay tuned peeps!

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