Saturday, May 5, 2012

Camp! (PART 1: Ice-Breaking!)


Without any delay, I plugged on my computer and headed straight to my Google Mail Inbox. Sure enough, it was clearly sent into my inbox and indicated that I was chosen.

What? Chosen? I simply could NOT believe my eyes. I was chosen, I WAS CHOSEN!!! I was on the top of the moon.

Finally a GOLDEN opportunity to polish my skills in getting interviewed, experience living away from home (even for just three days two nights), and make new allies!


My eyes must be playing a joke on me. Was that Dewan Rumpun Seri in the TM College along Jalan Lumba Kuda or a crowded bus terminal? The hall-front was already packed of people Despite arriving there ten minutes prior to the designated time, the hall front was already crowded like sardines, with heavy, boxy bags placed haphazardly along the way.  I was fortunate that I came early, as I got a nearby hostel room which was not too high up in the Delima Block. Oh yeah!

#Yes, I took the stairs to my hostel room. Much faster than waiting for the elevator!

The camp began with an introductory session with the facilitators. We were told that the selection process for the most suitable scholarship recipients are divided into three: The online application process, the interview camp initiated to get them know us better, and finally, the ACTUAL, formal interview. We were considered fortunate as we are are the 300 lucky candidates shortlisted, out of thousands of hopeful candidates around the nation.

"Just be yourself. Have fun. We just want to know you better through this camp We won't get any information from your result slip."

WHAT? No interview? I should have brought casual wear for goodness sake.

The ice-breaking activities were in fact more to unleashing our inner (and failed) athletic self, with a dash of spice from Bollywood. Running around to the nearest seats to avoid from getting punished to dance in front of the 300-strong crowd, it was indeed a fun way to exercise and get to know one another! (Even for just one minute in my case, I have a memory like a sieve) We were even commanded to get into groups according to our gender, month of birth, courses applied, state and race. You can imagine these:

  • massaging your friends' shoulders or belly buttons while chanting "Kamu sayang saya, saya sayang kamu. Kamu tolong saya, saya tolong kamu"

  • Dancing with your friends of the same gender. We were supposed to spin around like typical ball-dances. In fact, we ended up bursting in laughter and the supposedly "romantic" ballroom party FAILED!!!

  • Telling about yourself to every single friend in every single group. Normal but it certainly will not prove to be a problem if you are a prominent debater.

  • Mimicking the sound of motorbikes and run around in groups like one! The ladies' version sound like damaged motorbikes by the way. -.- (Imagine eagle and chicken chasing game minus the eagle)

By far, the most unique yet bizarre ice-breaking session was specially brewed and systematically organized by the organizers-right THERE!!!

#At least, no usual "I am..." stuff as in other ice-breaking sessions which are just too monotonous and schematic! :D

Later after the energetic, hilarious and cheerful ice-breaking session, the more formal session came: Dividing us into groups of around twenty according to our courses applied. Due to the overabundance of us prospective IT students who were to pursue Alpha MMU (Local Foundation), we were divided and placed into other groups of other courses.

As for my Group, Group G, which was mainly made up of mainly future engineering students pursuing Alpha MMU, well it was a Malay-and-Chinese group made up of 12 boisterous boys and 10 girls from various states across the nation. Nerds, hotties, princesses, leng-zai (handsome boys), leng lui (pretty girls), aspiring Albert Einsteins, Younger versions of Shah Rukh Khans, the super-religious, my Group, G-Warriors had it all.

(Please click here to know who they were. Busy researching about Teachers' Training at the same time! )

Yes, only FOUR Chinese! Encik Gulam, fondly known as Pak Teh, was the facilitator of our group. Being the officer to govern the operation of the primary schools in my hometown state (obviously Perak), he was bubbly but strict at times.

We were given a notebook, pen and our numbers, in which we had to pin the numbers back and front. It was the insanity once again-DANCING! Duh!

  • Group dancing. Three members were picked to lead their group members to dance according to the song played, from easy-listening, soft music to the spice of India. Mind you, boys do dance well, extremely well! I sweated like a pig in just five minutes. Eeewww......

  • The cheering competition. The super-creative boys cooked up such an idea-to name my group "G-Warriors". Our slogan had a take off Spongebob Squarepants. Mind you, every single member of the hall was so high-spirited and enthusiastic that it sounded more like a morning market than just a mini cheering session! Should have a cheerleading competition instead... Anyway my group lost. Yet, we did not lost in EVERYTHING. :P

  • The Ayam Serama. Mind you, the entire group members pushed me to take part in that! Well, it's chicken Dance actually. so you can visualise how was it. I actually danced out of the circle and got disqualified. Muahahaha!!!

COMING UP: Kaki Bola, Adrenaline Rush on Assignments!!!

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