Sunday, May 20, 2012

Miss Roti Canai in the Making! (Part 1 第一篇)

Yes, roti canai. Thin and yummy yet packed in calories, and that is what I am right now (but I'm not thin!)

If you are wondering the reason behind me calling myself as "Roti Canai", do take your time, sit back, enjoy your tea and read my post. I have changed the music and gave my diary a totally BLUE makeover!

Let me tell you how do my school look like. I have told you about the exterior, right?

Now the interior... LET'S GO!



#Please calm down everyone. Put your weapons and fists aside. I know I'll get a very good bashing for this!

Grilles and grilles and grilles. As I looked around the little school compound, these were abundant almost at every single staircase available. At that moment, I was wondering if I was in a castle or in an army camp after all. Old and haunted it is. Fortunately it did not freak me out! Yay to my guts! :P


The stairs in the main building lead to various parts of the school, which made going around the school quite complicated. I mean, just a little bit. You will get accustomed to the maze after a couple of days, so girls, do not worry! Do take a friend or two along wherever you go, though.


I was stunned when I noticed some of the classrooms do not have doors. Students had to sit for their examinations at the corridor. The canteen and cooperation shop were mini-sized. For the cooperation shop, I cannot walk in just as what I did back in high school. Here, you place your order and the cooperative shop assistants will sell it for you, just like typical counters.


For a plus-sized person like me, I will really be a roti canai here! Everything is mini-sized. Never mind I can put up with these! Ha ha. (You should learn how to adapt yourself anywhere at all times, okay Sharon?)


Nevertheless, I managed to find a green meadow and some beauty beneath the "castle" which looked like as if it has just survived from an apocalyptic battle. The La Salle Garden which was right in front of the tiny canteen never fail to greet the Georgians and Georginas with its infinite beauty and smile. Greens growing healthy, strong and lush, with flowers cheering up the otherwise solemn mood. The stairs, some still made of wood and were slanted at a moderately large angle, made the staircase seemingly haunted, yet intricate.


Different school, different environment. Stay as a precious princess and you will NEVER, EVER survive.


(Okay, I know that I'm nowhere good at describing buildings XP)

(To be continued)

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