Friday, May 25, 2012

Miss Roti Canai in the Making! (Part 2 第二篇)

It was the second week of orientation and we were briefed on the subjects to be learnt. New Syllabus in STPM! It should be easy alright? Unfortunately, no. (for me)


No if you are a lazy-bone. Yes if you are the bee who works hard for honey.


MUET (Malaysian University English Test) and Pengajian Am (General Studies) were made compulsory. For MUET, I could picture myself scribbling down essays at a furious pace and sitting for the listening test in an atmosphere filled with the cacophony from the motorcycles around. Pengajian Am? Hmm, it sounds more like a combination of History and Civic Education (So obviously it will hardly arouse my interest in the subject at all since I am a dreamy daydreamer who live in Fantasy-land. )

MUET(大马英文考试)和Pengajian Am是必考的。我能清楚地想像我考MUET时以高速胡乱地写下一篇作文,并在一个喧哗嘈杂的环境下做听写考试。(当然咯,这不是普通的听写哦。你要仔细地聆听所播放的资料,然后回答问题)Pengajian Am?我倒觉得它是历史和公民教育的混合体。(可见我对它没有丝毫兴趣,因为我是妄想家。哈哈!)

To make matters worse, I almost returned to dreamland as the speech on Pengajian Am began. My lousy ear simply could not pick up a thing (No, I cannot hear things well! Poor me.) and the raging levels of serotonin kept signaled me to switch off.

更糟糕的是,老师开始滔滔不绝地讲解Pengajian Am时,我差点呼呼大睡,什么都听不进耳。



The following days dragged past. Mathematics T was nowhere easy, and I stumbled even at the first chapter! (I have no idea to call it as Additional Mathematics or Technical Mathematics or whatsoever) With tears welling up in my eyes, blood vessels striking through the sclera which resembled thunder, and my head spinning fast. After getting briefed through the eighteen chapters (if I am not mistaken) in the subject, our lessons began immediately.




Functions should not be too big a challenge right? Not after you have not practised for five months. I was fortunate to have an ever-in-the-blur sister asking for me to help in Additional Mathematics constantly. Well, not for now. However, as the teacher spoke at the pace of a jet and went straight into the topic of graphs, I began to feel dizzy. I wrote-or should I say scribbled-down those formulas and graphs at an extremely slow pace while trying to make a head or tail of whatsoever that was taught.

#From the Internet of course. :P

Not too long later, there was homework. My mind went blank.


(To be continued)

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