Saturday, May 12, 2012

St george Institution, here I come! 圣乔治,我来也!(Part 2)


一开始,我们整大班高三新生被瓜分成十个小组。(昨天不是分好了吗?)小组是暂时性的,只限Orientation Week而已,以供游戏作用。当然,这也能使我们乘机认识新朋友哦!(本小姐目前只结交了女性朋友,看到男生,我就会脸红······)小组的”见面礼“既是自我介绍。哎呀,我真的不知道一生中要自我介绍几百、几千甚至几万次啊!自我介绍,即介绍你的名字以及最喜欢的电视节目和食物而已。我跟你们说,我最喜欢的食物是:

Day Two. (for me)

We Lower Six students were really privileged for being allowed not to wear the school uniform that day! Wearing it and I felt like if I am actually having a sauna, although it was obviously better than my high school uniform which looked kinda an apron. What do i wear? Sports attire obviously, DUH!

The whole bunch of us mischievous and rambunctious Lower Six students were divided into ten small groups. (Eh, I thought we were in groups previously?) The group was temporary and was strictly just for Orientation Week. for games and stuff. Of course it allows us to make new friends as well. (I have only made female friends for now. Boys made me blush!) Introduction about ourselves again for the start. Damn goodness. HOW MANY TIMES SHOULD I INTRODUCE MYSELF IN MY LIFE?  Okay well fine, we just need to tell our team mates our names, fave food and television show or movies. 

Here's a list of food which made my mouth water-I mean, flood!

Cakes 蛋糕(魅力无法挡!所以,可想而知我有多“瘦”,哈哈!)(So you can imagine how "slim" am I. Ha ha!)
fruits 水果
Mee Rebus
Mee Jawa
Vegetarian Food 素菜

还有很多呢!And MORE!




Television shows? Oh no, only food and variety shows manage to glue me in front of the television set. My fave movie will always be THE HUNGER GAMES!!! Fighting till death for life and food! :P

For an absent-minded student like me, I found it a rather challenging and difficult task to remember people's names, and trying to stash their fave food and movies add insult to injury. (THAT SERIOUS??!!) I need three days to remember your names, sorry for that.

We had a mini cheer competition that day. Nothing sophisticated nor bone-breaking actually-just throwing out your voice and shouting out slogans. Seems like my group was a way too daring and creative until we actually went on stage to perform our "cheer"...

Toma Toma Tomato

Pota Pota Potato

Tomato (拍掌两声)(Double Clap)

Potato (喝!)

One, Two, Three..

We Will We Will Rock You!

Tepuk La Salle!

Energy was all around, which lifted the otherwise solemn mood in the school-A LOT! *Thumbs up for the boys. 

(To be continued)

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  1. I think I recognize the upper part of the cheer lol :P