Monday, May 7, 2012

Camp! (PART 2: Life Sneak Peek)

ATTENTION: I will not be update as often as before as I will be pursuing Form Six. Hopefully, you will still be reading my blog and do not forget to click my Nuffnang. I put in a lot of time and energy in every single post, no matter how short it is. I swear on only PROPER language. :D


Hungry? Tired?

Time to check in to our hostels and lunch! Grrr...

Being allocated the room D-064, which was one of the cubicles in the sixth floor for the Delima Block, taking the lift obviously did cut down lots of hassle. However, the long roe of female participants waiting for the lift was enough to shun me away! Thus, lugging two heavy bags and one ginormous suitcase, I inched my way up the stairs to my cubicle. Perfect workout for weights and cardio indeed! Ha ha. 

Prior to the camp, I was often haunted and brainwashed with the thought of hostels being small, unkempt, uncomfortable and crowded. Fortunately, my hostel room did not turn up as disgusting as what had I pictured to be. Besides the stale air and malodour of old furniture whisking in the air, there were basically nothing else to whine on. The solution: Open the door for gaseous exchange (which is obviously did really often!)

Each room is for two participants, thank goodness since the room is about 2/3 the size of my bedroom back home! Unfortunately, the door for my room is unshuttable and unlockable. (Eh what happened to your English? Too creative for your own good, like, seriously?)

I was lucky to have a pleasant room mate, Ainun who was from Group J. She was quiet and highly religious. (Yes, she came from a religious school) Practically fine she was, except that she was a little slow-paced at getting things done.

Bathrooms were shared by the participants from Two Floors. I mean, there's a bathroom in every two floors. In my case, those from Level Six and Seven could use it. And, oh, should I say that there was only ONE bathroom which was in tip-top condition? There were three bathrooms altogether; the first cubicle was for those in a hurry; the second is for you if you are sexy and you know it; you can choose the third if you did not mind putting your fresh clothes on the floor.

As for food, we had six meals daily: breakfast, morning snack, lunch, tea, dinner and supper. The meals mainly comprise of fried snacks and drinks which resemble to thick syrup, but a severe lack of vegetables. Till today I was still stupefied at my weight loss at the camp despite eating on a bloated tummy!!


  1. Im a little blur on the toilets? Haha!!!

  2. The toilets were like this: (Or more precisely as washrooms) There were three washrooms for my floor. Only one of them can be used. The toilets were on the other side (Washrooms and toilets were in the same section). Quite dirty. Eeeww... XP